Pivotal 6.6 Offers Updated Platform, Improved Functionality

January 30, 2018

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Alpharetta, GA, January 30, 2018 — Aptean, a leading global provider of mission-critical, industry-specific software solutions and support, has released Pivotal 6.6, whose updated platform offers improved functionality and a modern interface for the company’s flagship customer relationship management (CRM) product.

With the primary focus on usability improvement, Pivotal 6.6 provides a modern, sleek and simple interface and increased workspace that helps users find information more quickly and multi-task more effectively. New features include:

  • Integration with Microsoft® Office 365
  • Faster enterprise search capabilities
  • Expanded choice of deployments, with support for both cloud and on-premise use
  • New themes and color customization for both overall appearance and branding
  • Improved data visualization

A new 64-bit Pivotal Business Server (PBS) provides improved scalability and offers clients the opportunity to run Pivotal on the cloud with ease.

The initial reaction to Pivotal 6.6 among early reviewers has been positive. “The new UI makes Pivotal feel fresh and like a brand new application,” said Sven Martin, executive director of Fusion5. “Users who have seen the demo think it is modern, slick and easy to use. Theming is a great way for organizations to brand [Pivotal] as their own.”

“Pivotal 6.6 has re-invigorated my commitment to and pride in the product. The UX clients and other enhancements give us a powerful feature set that looks good, too,” said Stephane Lombard, co-founder of B-Wizz-U. “The new release is a great step forward for the product. I can't wait to see the other great improvements coming our way.”

For more information on Pivotal 6.6, visit http://problemsolved.aptean.com/aptean/PivotalCRM/microsite or info@aptean.com.

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