The Key to Crisis Management

August 05, 2020

Posted by Antony Jagger

Financial Services, Crisis Management

We’ve seen multiple financial services businesses taking rapid measures to spin up alternative communication channels in attempts to maintain ‘business as usual’ from a customer’s perspective during the coronavirus pandemic. Combined with a corporate responsibility to keep staff safe, never has it been more important for businesses to be as agile and as flexible as possible when it comes to facilitating effective and efficient communication channels.

With the world adjusting to the new virtual way of doing things, there are a few key changes businesses can take to optimize their crisis management. By embracing contingency communications, organizations can swiftly respond to customer communications, ensuring they still deliver excellent service, even in this rapidly changing world.

Aptean’s Antony Jagger explains the key to crisis management in Contingency Comms: the key to crisis management, featured on Global Banking and Finance Review.