Manufacturing Execution Systems

Aptean Activplant MES provides a set of world-class analytical tools for manufacturing companies to turn unstructured data into actionable business intelligence. Equipped with real-time insights—tracked through configurable reports and key performance indicators (KPIs)—users can begin modernizing their manufacturing enterprise in no time.

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Turn Plant Data into
Business Intelligence

Aptean Activplant MES offers an unmatched ability to capture the data underpinning interactions between machines and processes, freeing companies from the burden of maintaining multiple, disconnected monitoring and data collection systems. The result is a consistent and easy-to-understand view of all plant data in one convenient location. Activplant’s strength is finding inefficiencies in your processes so that process improvements can be implemented, monitored, and adjusted.

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Real-Time Plant Floor Visibility

Using advanced sensors, Activplant MES collects equipment, product, and process data directly from the automation level of the plant floor. While other solutions claim similar functionality, this structure streamlines collection into a system able to display key data through a dynamic, user-friendly web interface that critically ensures the resulting intelligence from these complex interactions is available in real time.

Highly Customizable Functionality

Activplant MES is a fully configurable manufacturing execution system that will grow and expand along with your unique operations. Where out-of-the-box solutions come up short, Activplant is sure to fill in the gaps—no matter how complex or specialized your processes might be—and offer configurable views to rapidly access real-time or historical data.

Flexible Reporting

Along with the systems configurable screen, data collection, and calculation options, Activplant also maintains a highly flexible reporting structure. This allows companies to determine which KPIs and data points are most relevant to their operations.

Operator Friendly

Activplant’s high degree of configurability means that operators do not need any development or programming skills to create or modify views and dashboards. With user-friendly principles prioritized within the solution’s design, the company’s production team will not become dependent on IT in order to glean insights from different slices of data.

Integrate and Manage
Business Systems

Manufacturing plants are often plagued by an over-reliance on systems that-- if they can communicate with one another at all-- require many third-party plugins and customizations to continue functioning. Whether due expanding operations through organic growth or acquisition, or just adding new systems over time, the outcome is an inefficient operation that is dependent on the few key employees who actually understand how it all works. Activplant MES set up the enterprise to begin leveraging a single data collection system across the operation. The net results are considerable cost savings in ongoing management, maintenance, and training as well as a consistent view of plant data.

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If you are a discrete manufacturer in industries ranging from automotive, forestry, to pharmaceutical, Activplant MES can give your manufacturing operation an upgrade to drive action and focus improvement efforts.


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