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While Aptean Activplant MES can always be customized to your unique manufacturing operations, its top-line functionality relies on a key feature suite comprised of ActivEssentials, VPFlex, VPWeb, ActivViewer, and ActivEssentials Reporting.

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The heart of Activplant is ActivEssentials, a mature and robust platform that hosts all the business Intelligence needed to run a manufacturing enterprise. ActivEssentials excels at collecting data from the automation level of the plant floor and provides standardized data modeling that can fully capture the complex interactions between all of the machines and processes on the line.

Universal Factory Data Model (UFDM)

Within ActivEssentials lies a patented software data warehouse that makes it possible to accurately model nearly all manufacturing operations. Among its wide array of options, UFDM can measure asset states, incidents, identifiers, accumulators, and events. Taken as a whole, it centralizes data from across the plant to give users a new level of visibility and understanding of their operations.


VPFlex provides manufacturers with a next-generation plant floor visualization module that extends the Activplant experience by enhancing operational visibility. This component offers a simple implementation, lightweight deployment, and ease of access through multiple browsers or mobile devices. The multi-instance, multi-site capabilities enable an improved and consistent user experience in the real world.


VPWeb is the highly configurable end-user interface of Activplant with controls including parameters for state change, thresholds, and dynamic formatting. Multiple view options allow users to choose from layout view (to create graphical representations of the plant, lines, and assets), production view (to view tabular data showing various time periods within the plant), detailed view (to access a list of incidents), and trend view (to chart event-based data such as process variables).


ActivViewer allows the dashboard to display intelligence through Activplant views and reports with multiple slideshows and multiple player support. Support for multiple monitors and remote terminal sessions is also embedded into this functionality.

ActivEssentials Reporting

With ActivEssentials Reporting, companies can gain insight from reports that are pre-generated, cached, or dynamically generated in addition to integrations with Microsoft software. The modern design allows for fully hyperlinked reports that include click-through navigation.

Easy Integrations

Along with all of its embedded configuration options, Activplant MES can integrate easily with a variety of other solutions. Customers have successfully used this solution in concert with Aptean TabWare EAM for asset management and Aptean EMF (Event Management Framework) for data integration and monitoring as well as Microsoft Excel functionality. The following are among the most-used Insight for Excel options:

  • Spreadsheet cells with live link access to the ActivEssentials database
  • Toolbar wizard for creating spreadsheets using Insight for Excel functions
  • Insight for Excel functions that can use data from other spreadsheet cells as parameters
  • Report creating that does not require any development or programming skills

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Enhanced Capabilities

ActivEssentials Administration

With ActivEssentials Administration, users will become equipped with robust administration modules that increase control over all aspects of data collection.

Integration Toolkit (ITK)

Activplant’s Integration Toolkit helps manufacturers gain deep insight with plant data reports. This set of tools allows companies to retrieve and integrate contextualized ActivEssentials data with third-party applications (including ERP, SCM, or BI applications) to actively improve operational management.

Activplant Throughput Analyzer

Activplant Throughput Analyzer can help companies quickly build an historical performance record for every piece of equipment involved in the operation and then calculate statistical averages to expose chronic constraints. Throughput Analyzer users have experienced increases in throughput of 10% to 25%.

Reason Code Assignment (RCA)

Through RCA, users benefit from a shop floor module that provides operators with the ability to enter reason codes and text about incidents. This also allows information to be captured in real-time (using a keyboard/mouse or touchscreen interface) and provides a valuable supplement to automated downtime, fault and stoppage data, which is key when determining root causes.

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