Electronic Data Interchange

Aptean now offers an integrated EDI service as part of the Food and Beverage ERP offering. This unique solution brings together Aptean's deep knowledge of the food and beverage industry with proven expertise in our EDI managed service. Aptean EDI for Food and Beverage complements Aptean ERP software to streamline and automate data transfers.

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Stand-alone EDI systems require additional resources to operate and continuously monitor and manage third-party integration. When using a stand-alone EDI system, if issues do arise, both the ERP and EDI providers need to be involved and coordinated until the problem is resolved. Fully integrated EDI has none of these complications. When using a single vendor data is automatically updated and third-party integration is not required. Integrated EDI frees up your team to focus on activities that drive growth.

Fully Integrated

Works seamlessly within the Aptean Food and Beverage ERP system, automatically sending data to and from trading partners without 3rd party intervention.

Expert Support and Services

An experienced team will support you and your trading partners, proactively managing your account before problems become issues.

Simplified Pricing

One invoice, one contract and a single point of contact for all EDI needs.

Proven Technology

Used by over 350 companies for over 20 years with a proven track record of compliance and reliability.


Aptean EDI has minimal setup requirements allowing you to connect to your trading partners in no time. As your business grows, Aptean EDI makes it easy to add new trading partners and document types within an already extensive document library.

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