Deliver Sequence Searches that Leave No Stone Unturned

Aptean GenomeQuest empowers you to compare your own DNA or protein sequences against a wealth of patent literature. With four state-of-the-art patent sequence comparison algorithms at your fingertips, you can perform the most comprehensive sequence search possible.

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Data Coverage

Featuring over 400 million sequences, GenomeQuest’s GQ-Pat database is not only the largest in the world – it is also updated twice a week, ensuring you’ll always have access to the most thorough, accurate, and up-to date IP sequence data.


GenomeQuest offers a complete set of search algorithms, including BLAST, GenePAST, MOTIF and Fragment Search, each designed for a specific purpose. A single sequence search against the GQ-Pat database typically takes less than five minutes to complete. Alerts can even be set up to run automatically on a weekly basis, alerting you to new patent activity.


GenomeQuest’s new GQ Discover Result Browser combines powerful search with user-friendly visualization and analysis tools. At-a-glance alignment summary views and graphical results charts help you quickly make sense of large sets of search results, while extensive filters and grouping tools allow you to examine any combination of fields and drill down to individual results with just a few clicks. And the industry-leading GQ Classic Browser has been the gold standard in sequence searching for over a decade.


With GenomeQuest, you can quickly produce a variety of custom summary and comprehensive reports that can be easily shared with colleagues. Results and alignments can also be integrated with Aptean LifeQuest for full-text analysis or exported to formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and BizInt Smart Charts for inclusion into a search report or an opinion.

Aptean LifeQuest Integration

GenomeQuest is seamlessly integrated  with LifeQuest. Use LifeQuest's ontology-based text searching power to further analyze GenomeQuest results or combine them with LifeQuest results.

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Additional Services and Capabilities

Antibody Module

The first solution of its kind, the GenomeQuest Antibody Module creates a single efficient workflow for CDR and chain sequence analysis, dramatically streamlining the once-grueling process of antibody sequence search. The user-friendly launch page provides intelligent defaults for easy search setup, and an interactive summary reports displays search results in clear visualizations with easy drill-down to patent documents and alignments. With the Antibody Module, analysis that once took days can be accomplished in a couple of clicks.

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Sequence Variation Discovery Module

The Sequence Variation Discovery Module extends GenomeQuest’s industry-leading IP sequence search and analysis toolsuite with powerful sequence variation search and reporting features. The module makes variation search both more precise and more efficient by enabling searchers to rapidly screen a large set of results, find specific variants with pinpoint precision, and efficiently prepare a high-level overview of their entire result set.

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Partner Database Modules

In addition to its GQ-Pat database, GenomeQuest also offers access to industry-standard sequence database content from its partners Clarivate and CAS®. The Clarivate GENESEQTM and CAS BiosequencesTM modules give you direct access to these highly-regarded sequence databases through the GenomeQuest interface, enabling integrated searching, screening, analysis, and reporting. Separate content and platform licenses required.

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Professional Services

Professional Services are available to extend the capabilities of GenomeQuest, including onsite custom training, and consulting.

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