Aptean LifeQuest

Aptean LifeQuest is an ideal solution for IP professionals who want to search the life science patent domain. Unlike conventional or free search tools, LifeQuest truly understands your query, giving you a targeted, comprehensive set of results without false-positive hits from non-life science patents.

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World’s Only Full Text Life Science Patent Database 

LifeQuest gives researchers and IP professionals access to the world’s most comprehensive database of life science patents. With multiple levels of conceptual relationships between documents, this easy-to-use search platform will deliver highly relevant results that represent the most comprehensive view of resources related to your search terms.

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Integrate Sequence and Full Text Data

With its focus on life science patents, LifeQuest’s database gives users the power to find whatever they need. Among other capabilities, it includes built-in life science ontologies, advanced search capabilities, a search result management system, and the ability to merge results using Boolean logic.

Easy-to-Use Search Interface

The easy-to-use LifeQuest search interface offers streamlined and efficient capabilities. It includes the ability to view alignments and full text data simultaneously. Convenient tip cards assist users with  formulating targeted or broad queries.

Built-in Life Science Ontologies

As a query is typed, suggested matching terms appear based on selected ontologies. Synonym phrases are included, and terms customized for specific needs may be created and saved.

Boost Hits

Screen more efficiently by custom boosting relevance scores to quickly identify the most important hits.

Patent Peace of Mind

Unlike conventional or free search tools, LifeQuest understands the biology behind your query, giving you complete results without false-positive hits from non-life science patents:

  • Underlying ontologies
  • Integration with GenomeQuest sequence search results
  • Flexible query language
  • Full text database of life science patents
  • Single click patent PDF access


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Industries Served

There are now a broad range of industries that expend significant resources searching for patents, including biotech developers, pharmaceutical firms, agriculture companies, legal services providers, and more.

Industrial Biotech

Text-based variant sequence searching.

Food & Nutrition

Search for probiotics, strains, and much more; use full text searching to filter large sequence result sets. 

Agriculture Biotech

Genes, plants, and technologies


Patent bibliographic data and ontology-based text searching in support of FTO opinions.

Patent Offices

Supplement sequence searching with text.


Combine the power of text search with your sequence results, or search test alone. 

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Education & Academia

Search patent full text as an additional literature source.

    The Power of LifeQuest

    LifeQuest users see immediate improvement in their search efficiency and accuracy due to ease-of-use, life science specific coverage and outstanding support.

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