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Aptean LifeQuest employs life science ontologies to understand the biology behind simple text queries, and includes powerful search tools that can cut freedom-to-operate (FTO) and patentability search times substantially.

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Intuitive Search Grammar

Using a query editor that auto-completes your query, LifeQuest provides an easy way to craft complex Boolean queries against the full text or specific fields of life science IP.

Advanced Search Capabilities

Power users will be glad to see that LifeQuest is built on an enhanced Lucene grammar, giving organizations the ability to build queries that leverage proximity searching, fuzzy searching, boosting, and much more.

Well-Known Life Science Ontologies

LifeQuest incorporates ontologies including MeSH, SNOMEDCT, Protein Ontology, Plant Ontology—and many more. These ontologies span the range of life sciences from human biology to genes to plant traits.

User-Generated Synonym Lists

Many researchers spend hours developing their own synonym lists to completely describe a concept. That is not necessary with LifeQuest, as users can easily add and modify existing synonym lists. This means that searching for one of the terms in a list automatically searches for all of them. Editable synonym lists allow growth and evolution over time.

GenomeQuest Integration

LifeQuest is seamlessly integrated with GenomeQuest. Use LifeQuest's ontology-based text searching power to further analyze GenomeQuest results or combine them with LifeQuest results.

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Additional Service

Professional Services

Professional Services are available to extend the capabilities of LifeQuest, including options for onsite custom training and consulting.

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