Simplicity and deep functionality

Aptean EAM API PRO Edition is a specialized solution for enterprise asset management with a unique combination of simplicity and deep functionality. It has an intuitive user interface, efficient graphical planning tools, and fine-tuned functionality for all of your maintenance and procurement processes. Users adopt the system quickly resulting in a more efficient maintenance workforce and a stronger bottom line.

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Comprehensive Maintenance Management

Receive full support for preventive, corrective, and condition-based maintenance. The complete workflow covers maintenance management including work order generation, resource planning, and maintenance project management.

Material and Purchase Management

Get full control of stock, usage of parts, warranty, and the purchasing process to optimize asset performance while keeping your total spare part costs at optimal levels.

Visual Planning

Schedule preventive and corrective work with built-in planning tools. The Visual Planning module provides an overview of the workload, the available resources, and the used capacity all on one screen.


Aptean EAM supports multiple sites with financial transactions in different currencies, maintenance work in different time zones, and in multiple languages – all in the same database. Share spare parts and crucial data between sites.

Mobile Maintenance

Create a flexible and efficient maintenance process with access to the essential EAM-functionality on mobile devices. Perform daily maintenance operations or manage spare parts wherever you are.

Analysis and Reporting

Get easy access to essential technical, financial, and organizational performance indicators through customizable reports with drill-down capabilities.

Document Management

The flexible document management system supports revision control and permission management. Documents are stored directly in the database with access via the plant explorer or via graphical navigation.

SaaS or On-Premise Deployment

Aptean EAM as a cloud solution provides for fast deployment with a low total cost of ownership, security, high availability, and smooth upgrades. If preferred, an on-premise installation will give you solid support for your operations.

IoT and Data Collection

Use modern technology like MQTT and OPC UA to enable distributed data collection. Collect operational hours or other counter values, measured values from inspection rounds or sensors. Create work orders automatically.

Calibration management for FDA

Aptean EAM is a combined maintenance and calibration management solution for industrial operations that require FDA (Food & Drug Administration) compliance or have high internal quality and safety standards.

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Aptean EAM Module Highlights

Aptean EAM Visual Planning

The Visual Planning function in Aptean EAM provides a clear view of available personnel and displays a precise planning overview. The process is purely visual – with drag and drop you can control that work orders are delivered on time while utilizing your work­force optimally. The efficient planning features make it easy to plan preventive and corrective work, on groups or individuals, in a user-friendly way.

Aptean EAM Multi-Site

Operate several plants or sites in one central database. Users from each plant, department, or even group, can have different access rights to information and specific settings. Aptean EAM Multi-Site enables multiple legal units, multiple currencies, multiple languages, and multiple sites/plants. In a multi-site system, the user experience remains adaptable, intuitive, and effective.

Aptean EAM Mobile Solutions

The Aptean EAM Mobile Solutions help you to create a flexible and efficient maintenance process, by giving your organization access to the essential EAM functionality on mobile devices (smartphones, iPads, tablet PCs and industrial mobile devices). With Mobile Maintenance you can perform daily maintenance operations, work order registration, rounds, and job reporting. Mobile Stock Management is a perfect tool for performing and registering spare part management activities.

Aptean EAM Analytics

Aptean EAM Analytics uses the registered data in Aptean EAM to create essential maintenance metrics that can be analyzed in multiple dimensions. The maintenance performance measurement data is stored in an open InfoCube database accessible for further analysis and KPI Dashboards. Aptean EAM Analytics provides a large number of maintenance report templates and a flexible tool for creating customized reports. Group your KPIs by job type, work supplier, site, project, cost types, and time periods. Visualize trends and drill-down to see details and individual transactions behind the trends.

Aptean EAM Integration

The Integration module in Aptean EAM includes standard components for flexible integration to ERP, OEE, MES, SCADA, and/or HR systems. It also includes configurable import/export via files or web-services, and tools for collecting data from technical equipment, to be used for condition monitoring in an Industry 4.0-setting. The functionality and usability of Aptean EAM products are optimized for the workflows of the end-users. By integration, you can minimize the re-entry of data and let the users focus on using the digital tools they need for their daily routines.

Want more info? Visit the Aptean EAM product website for a deeper look!

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