Aptean Intuitive ERP

Aptean Intuitive ERP is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning solution for discrete manufacturers in repetitive, high-mix production environments and regulated industries like electronics, medical devices, and aerospace. With end-to-end support for production, engineering, inventory, finance, quoting, sales, and support, Intuitive streamlines your operations and helps you identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements.

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Integrating Your Critical Data

Intuitive ERP delivers complete quote-to-cash functionality, enabling you to integrate critical data across your enterprise and maximize the efficiency of your operations. By providing visibility into all areas of your business, it delivers the insights you need to make informed strategic and tactical decisions and achieve your business goals.

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Driving Quality and Compliance

Intuitive ERP provides robust tools to assist you in optimizing product quality, business processes, and production performance. It provides complete lot and serial number traceability, and it integrates with leading computer-aided design (CAD) programs to improve alignment between engineering and manufacturing. Plus Intuitive can capture and analyze data using statistical techniques to help you reduce waste, boost productivity, and improve regulatory compliance.

Business Intelligence at Your Fingertips

With Intuitive’s user-friendly business intelligence features, you can access key information when and where you need it for faster, more accurate decision making. Monitor performance, identify trends, display KPIs, and easily configure reports based on your specific requirements. Intuitive Advanced Reporting and Analytics modules further extend your reporting power with dynamic visual dashboards and tools for generating robust financial and operational reports.

An “Intuitive” User Experience

Intuitive ERP is designed with a focus on usability. Its user-friendly interface features customizable fields and menus, ad hoc reporting tools, advanced search capabilities, and more. Seamless integration with Microsoft products and engineering tools helps streamline routine tasks and minimize time spent on repetitive data entry. Manufacturers who implement Intuitive report reduced training time, higher levels of adoption, and increased employee productivity.

Supporting Multi-Plant & Global Operations

Intuitive provides seamless support for the full scope of your operations, whether at a single location, multiple plants, or across international borders. For manufacturers operating globally, Intuitive supports unlimited currencies as well as VAT (value added tax) and GST (goods and services tax). It is translatable into any language at the user level, so each user can choose their preferred language.

Power to Do More

Intuitive delivers the tools and insights you need to make “doing more with less” an achievable goal. By improving visibility, efficiency, and data integrity across the enterprise—from sales, planning, and procurement to engineering, manufacturing, and business intelligence—Intuitive helps you identify areas for improvement and drive better performance across the board. After implementation, customers report significant improvements in on-time delivery, inventory accuracy, quality assurance, and profit margins.

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Industries Served

Intuitive ERP is an ideal solution for discrete manufacturers in repetitive, high-mix production environments where product configuration and engineering change management (ECM) are key. It also provides tailored functionality for manufacturers in regulated industries.

Discrete Manufacturing 

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Computers and Electronics (Manufacturing)

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Medical Devices (Manufacturing)

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Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing

Product Partners

  • VK Sur Group
  • Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings
  • Intuitive Systems Mexico
  • Software Applications Limited

Empowering Your Enterprise

Intuitive ERP helps manufacturers achieve operational efficiency and cut costs through seamless integration of business processes.

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Intuitive ERP has helped San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind streamline the company’s operational efficiencies through detailed costing analysis and has made a significant impact to the bottom line.

— Joe Langley, Vice President, San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind

American Tubing, Inc. Resolves Scheduling Issues and Increases Bottom Line with Aptean Intuitive ERP

American Tubing, Inc. (ATI) is a leading producer of copper components and brazed copper assemblies for use in the air conditioning and refrigeration…

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