Aptean Axis ERP

Aptean Axis ERP is the only enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution built from the ground up to support the operational requirements of metals, wire, and cable manufacturers, processors, and service centers. It was designed out of the box to address the metals’ industry’s unique requirements, but also gives you the flexibility to configure the solution for your specific operations.

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ERP for Metals and More

Area expertise is deeply embedded into every feature and function and includes support for (1) material defined by its attributes and characteristics, (2) material application based on actual quality, (3) material reapplication, (4) pricing rules based on order attributes, (5) process routings with alternative processing methods and dynamic rule-based logic centered on ordered attributes, (6) quality tracking from heat to heat with full traceability and genealogy, (7) inventory tracked at the tag level and/or the heat/lot level, (8) inexact quantities and variable units of measure, (9) shipping/receiving logistics, (10) effective scheduling, and (11) quality control and tracking.

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Productivity Gains

Axis ERP is designed to streamline business processes right out of the box. After integration, metal industry companies can reduce both the time and effort to get things done in virtually every department of the company. Realize key efficiency gains quickly by automating repetitive tasks and seamlessly aligning Axis with data collection systems to minimize data entry.

Elevating Quality Standards

For any company working with metals, quality is paramount. Unfortunately, the process of transforming, manipulating, and forging raw materials leads to actual quality variance. Industry companies need to be able to identify the actual characteristics of each item—from heat to finished product—and Axis ERP employs a series of tools to help enterprises track materials and improve the way they handle these issues. Because our experts know that quality concerns are always top of mind, they built Axis ERP to be your company's greatest ally in addressing this challenge.

Capital Asset Optimization

One of the most powerful aspects of Axis ERP is its production scheduling capabilities. Attribute-based scheduling will increase throughput while minimizing setup and scrap, and job or lineup scheduling can be automated based on product and process characteristics to optimize capacity utilization and save personnel time and effort. To keep track of it all, efficiency and utilization reporting offers managers clear visibility into how assets are being used over time.

Financial Management & Cost Control

Axis ERP integrates financial management into every aspect of operations. Based on detailed inputs and variance analysis, Axis cost management functions provide full visibility of product costs and highlight opportunities for savings. And this is just the beginning. Other key capabilities—including auto freight calculations and rapid invoicing— will help instill a cost-conscious mentality across every department in the company.

Unlock Your Information

Today’s metals industry is marked by intense global competition, cyclical markets, changing demand patterns and the commoditization of products.  But even in this challenging market, there are tremendous opportunities. One way Axis helps promote organizational advancement is by making information your most valuable asset. From day one, it begins providing people across every function with access to the data and information they need to improve their decision-making and better serve customers. Just as a new machine can increase the production capacity of your plant, the information provided by Axis can increase the business capacity of your entire organization. The result is a significant increase in sales without significant increases in staff.

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Industries Served

With specialized capabilities, Axis helps streamline business processes and dramatically improve the productivity of metals, wire, and cable industry environments.

Metals, Cable and Wire

Purpose-built ERP for the metals, cable and wire industry.

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    Transforming the Metals Industry

    Understanding your business is what sets us apart. With Axis ERP, you get an industry-tested and approved solution that has been serving the specialized needs of the metals, wire, and cable products industries for more than 25 years.

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    Axis ERP is built for the metals industry, so it has the functions we need—it just fits.

    — Cheryl Jeffrey, ERP Business Analyst, Plymouth Tube Co.

    Plymouth Tube Co. Improves Customer Satisfaction with Aptean Axis ERP

    Plymouth has improved customer satisfaction, improved efficiency, and eliminated manual pricing errors with Aptean Axis ERP.

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