ERP for Metals, Wire and Cable

Axis ERP is the preferred enterprise resource planning solution for some of the largest metals, wire, and cable manufacturers, processors, and service centers in the world. It provides a configurable and integrated solution spanning production, sales, and financial management to streamline business processes, give enterprise-wide visibility, improve productivity, ensure consistent high quality, and maximize profitability.

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Axis Dynamic Order Fulfillment

Axis Dynamic Order Fulfillment eliminates the need to maintain unique product masters, process routings, pricing information, and descriptions for every possible product or processing variation. By automating much of the quoting, entry, production planning, and order documentation processes, Axis helps metals companies dramatically reduce time, cost, and errors across many key areas of your operation.

Axis Advanced Load Planning

Through Advanced Load Planning, Axis ERP enables manufacturers to both coordinate the right products with the right sales orders and verify that the load being shipped matches those planned parts. Other features allow the enterprise to quickly associate sales orders to loads, track loads to customer facilities, utilize closed-loop validation of load accuracy, and operate with simple shipping documentation and transportation scheduling processes.

Production Operations Management

Axis ERP reaches all the way to the mill or factory floor, including extensive support for both planning and execution. With Unified Product & Process Definition, you can see the way products are really made and reduce the effort required to describe and maintain them. Other efficiency-driving components include: Attribute-Based Product Identification (to provide consistent descriptions, orders, locations, and reservations for products), Attribute-Based Scheduling (to increase throughput by minimizing set-up time and scrap), and Load Planning & Shipping (to accelerate the shipment process, optimize loads, and reduce shipping errors).

Axis Roll/Slit Planning

Axis Roll/Slit Planning is designed to simplify both the planning and execution of metals processes, ensuring consistency in product output and increasing manufacturing efficiency. It allows users to easily find the material needed for a job, create multiple jobs in a single work order, and track those jobs to multiple destinations—all with one single process. Additional components yield further benefits for the company, including full visibility of material source and destination, the ability to create combination orders involving parent and child products, and enhanced material branching from rolling and slitting operations.

Customer Portal

Axis Customer Portal is an online and mobile customer service portal that grants your customers the ability to check on the status of orders, shipments, claims, work in process, invoices, and payments in real time. Any certification documents you have sent can also be viewed or emailed through the system, and if customers have questions they can quickly send an email back to their account manager with a single click.

Financial Management

Axis ERP includes a comprehensive suite of financial applications, including cost management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and a multi-company, multi-currency general ledger. This is all fully integrated with the system’s sales and operational applications, offering financial managers robust capabilities for financial management, reporting, and analysis.

Sales & Service

Axis provides the information and functionality to streamline sales order management and customer service, including quote generation, order entry, order status inquiry, shipment and billing, and claims processing and RMA (return merchandise authorization). Order Promising helps you take on more pre-booked and make-to-order business while consistently delivering on time. Workflow-Driven Quotation Development will accelerate the quotation process. Claims/RMA Management helps you maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. And Sales Order Tolerance Logic simplifies order management to help avoid excess inventory, eliminate over-shipments, and maximize revenue for MTO (made-to-order) products.

Reporting & Analytics

Axis ERP comes with a robust and fully-integrated financial and operational tool with a built-in dashboard to give you the business intelligence you need to drive your business forward.

Remote Managed Services

Remote Managed Services (RMS) is a platform service from Aptean that enables you to sensibly outsource application and database administration tasks to a dedicated team of specialists. This team performs just like onsite IT staff—but with the ability to work remotely—and takes care of your ongoing Axis ERP administration functions, such as application installs, configuration, and upgrades. Performance review, system tuning, and remote management are just a few of the tasks that can be managed remotely.

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Enhanced Capabilities

Aptean Analytics

Powered by analytics leader QlikView, Aptean Analytics delivers ready-to-use graphical dashboards designed for metals producers, processors, and service centers. These dashboards empower you to easily spot and resolve issues related to profitability, planning, manufacturing, inventory, or the sales pipeline. The dashboards are also customized by role and pre-configured to analyze order to cash, sales, quality, inventory, purchasing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and more.

Axis Data Warehouse

Axis Data Warehouse supports your ad-hoc reporting needs by providing a complete SQL-based data warehouse that enables external reporting, business intelligence, and custom integrations, along with support for other applications that require access to the Axis ERP data. The Axis Data Warehouse includes a complete Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) process based on Axis ERP’s built-in data reports to extract the data using proven business logic. The Aptean EMF transforms and loads the data to a Microsoft SQL database. The system also easily supports other tools such as Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, QlikView or even Excel.

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting is a powerful, user-friendly tool designed to streamline financial reporting and give you a competitive edge through increased productivity and visibility. With Advanced Reporting, you can easily create financial reports based on data within Axis ERP. Quickly drill down to transaction data, build reporting hierarchies and filters based on your GL structure, and generate reports for any period of time. Users can create graphs and dashboards, perform multi-company consolidation activities, and schedule and distribute reports.

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