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Aptean Cimnet ERP unites deep industry expertise with robust software functionality to create the ideal ERP solution for printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers. The Cimnet solution consists of three tightly-integrated components that provide end-to-end support for your ERP, engineering, and quoting processes.

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Cimnet Paradigm ERP

Cimnet Paradigm ERP delivers comprehensive enterprise resource planning functionality for PCB manufacturers. From order planning and manufacturing to financial control and shop floor management, Paradigm ERP streamlines and coordinates your operations from start to finish. The ERP’s powerful planning features—including plan by schedule, material requirements planning (MRP), and capacity requirements planning (CRP)—help you commit orders confidently, and real-time analytical tools enable accelerated, fact-based decision making. Paradigm ERP also offers an array of optional enhancements, including a Systems Alert Module for real-time notifications, electronic data interchange (EDI) infrastructure, advanced forecasting features, and statistical process control (SPC) tools.

Cimnet Engenix

Cimnet Engenix is a comprehensive product engineering solution designed to support the specialized engineering needs of PCB manufacturers. Engenix reduces engineering time and cost by automating stack-up and traveler generation, streamlining the engineering process. It also integrates seamlessly with Paradigm ERP, making critical engineering data securely accessible across the enterprise. Engenix can be extended with optional rigid-flex capabilities as well as enterprise support for managing engineering processes across multiple plants.

Cimnet i-Quote

Designed exclusively for the PCB industry, i-Quote is an intelligent, web-based quoting system that enables immediate and accurate responses to requests for quotes (RFQs) and provides global, 24/7 access to sales staff and customers anywhere. With i-Quote, customer service representatives or authorized customers can enter RFQ information and part data metrics directly into a user-friendly, customizable interface. i-Quote can also extract, view, and analyze data in virtually any format directly from a PC. Leveraging i-Quote’s customizable rules and calculation methods, you can automatically generate accurate cost-based quotations within seconds. i-Quote also supports seamless multi-plant quoting and multi-stage quote approval.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Infrastructure

Cimnet Paradigm ERP can be equipped with robust Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) infrastructure to help streamline the exchange of data with customers and suppliers while ensuring compliance with each party’s unique requirements. By adding an EDI integration, you can electronically import and export orders, shipping notices, and other data that would otherwise have to be handled manually, helping to reduce administrative costs and speeding up the supply chain.

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Extended Capabilities

Advanced Quality by uniPoint

Advanced Quality by uniPoint is a paperless quality system that allows you to track and measure the cost and frequency of quality events, initiate non-conformances and preventative actions, and streamline preparation for quality audits.

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Advanced Shipping by Digital Shipper

Advanced Shipping by Digital Shipper enables you to automate all aspects of your shipping operations using the latest technology in multi-carrier shipping software.

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