Aptean DTR ERP

Aptean DTR is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for companies that manufacture plastics. Built from the ground up to serve the plastics industry, DTR has a 20-year track record of improving business processes, reducing costs, and increasing sales for discrete and process plastics manufacturers.

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The ERP for the Plastics Industry

Designed and built exclusively for plastics manufacturers, DTR delivers a more industry-tailored and comprehensive feature set than any other offering on the market. Easy to implement and easy to use, DTR helps plastics manufacturers reduce inventory costs, monitor scrap and regrind, shorten production cycle times, improve customer relationships, and streamline financial management processes.

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Streamline Your Business Processes

DTR delivers tailored features to drive efficiency across all your operations—from production forecasting and scheduling to bills of material (BOM) management, material requirements projections, and production monitoring. And by integrating your core plastics production operations with other business processes, DTR also helps you manage product and project costing, quoting, and variance reporting with speed and accuracy.

Accelerate Production

With increasingly short lead times, you need a reliable system to easily and accurately determine required materials for production. DTR’s production scheduling tools provide production management with detailed information to drive strategic decisions about what to produce, when to produce it, and what resources to use. This data eliminates repetitive calculations and paperwork and helps shorten production cycle times. It also minimizes waste and provides instant feedback in response to changing situations on the shop floor.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

DTR centralizes customer data and provides real-time order tracking to help you better manage relationships and improve customer satisfaction. The system’s customer relationship management (CRM) system stores comprehensive customer and prospect information in a central database that is fully integrated with the ERP, giving employees across every department easy access to the information they need to identify sales opportunities, nurture customer relationships, and improve customer service. DTR’s real-time reporting tools enable precise tracking of customer orders and shipping schedules through the system so you can confidently provide status updates at any time.

Specialized & User-Friendly

Generic ERPs are simply not designed to support the unique workflows of plastics manufacturers, leading to frustrating inefficiencies in your daily operations. DTR is different. Whether you’re an injection molder, extruder, film and bag processor, blow molder, thermoformer, or compounder, DTR provides purpose-built functionality to support and streamline your processes—from inventory control and job costing to distribution and financial management. DTR is quick and easy to implement and provides a user-friendly experience for employees in any department.

Driving Rapid Improvements

After implementing DTR, most plastics manufacturers report immediate improvements to overall operational efficiency and key performance metrics, including:

  • Reduced inventory costs
  • Reduced on-hand inventory
  • Minimized waste
  • Shortened production cycle times
  • Faster time to market

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Industries Served

Aptean DTR is ideal for small to mid-sized organizations in the plastics industry with a combination of discrete and process manufacturing requirements.

Discrete Manufacturing

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Process Manufacturing

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Injection Molders


Film & Bag Processors

Blow Molders

Transforming Your Operations

Delivering the most comprehensive ERP feature set for manufacturing needs of the plastics industry, DTR can quickly generate measurable improvements across every area of your operations.

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With DTR and the way we manage it, when a customer calls and asks about the status of an order, we can tell them that status instantly on the phone within 10 seconds and feel 100 percent confident that it’s accurate information.

— Chris Draudt, Co-President, Dreco Incorporated

Dreco Incorporated Improves Customer Service Responsiveness with Aptean DTR

Dreco Incorporated is a leading manufacturer of injection molded plastic parts. They had a general enterprise resource planning (ERP) system…

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