Designed for Plastics Industry Needs

Aptean DTR unites robust ERP functionality with the flexibility required to support your organization’s specific needs. Developed by a team with extensive plastics industry experience, DTR delivers an array of process improvements and insights designed to give your business a competitive edge.

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Manufacturing & BOM

DTR provides tailored manufacturing and bill of material (BOM) management features that support the unique requirements of the plastics industry. The system’s BOM tools help you consider a wide variety of cost inputs, including materials, regrind, scrap, labor, workstation rates, machine setup, tooling, sub-contracting, and warehousing. You can easily perform mass updates of BOMs with replacement items for obsolete or unacceptable materials.

Inventory Control

DTR’s Inventory Control features deliver complete control and visibility over raw materials, assembled work-in-process, and finished goods, among other items. The solution also offers full visibility into customer inventories.

Quote & Order Management

DTR’s Quote & Order Management tools have unique functionality to help plastics manufacturers create sales orders, build quotes, and manage inventory in various units of measure. The tools include a vast range of functions including the ability to: create sales orders, capture costs and build quotes by process (extrusion, printing, slitting, etc.), amortize setup costs across a production run, easily retrieve quotes for multiple items (by customer or sales representative), and ensure the correct selling price by using high/low order margins.

Job Costing

With DTR’s Job Costing feature, you can view the actual cost of any job, product, or project at any point in the production process. Users can capture cost by process—like extrusion, printing, or slitting—and calculate costs to the fifth decimal place. You can also monitor scrap and regrind for more accurate job costing.

Master Scheduler

DTR’s robust Master Scheduler saves you time by allowing you to manage your production schedule by exception. Running a daily data-queue process pulls demand changes into the Master Scheduler to automatically create, update, and remove production tasks in your schedule. You can also use the Master Scheduler to make schedule adjustments based on the availability of materials, tools, cavities, labor, and maintenance. The Master Scheduler supports the scheduling of single and multi-tool workstations, tools, and cavities.

Financial Management & Accounting

DTR comes equipped with a full suite of financial management features and accounting tools, including general ledger management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and cash disbursement features. All finance and accounting tools are fully integrated with DTR’s purchasing and sales modules.


DTR Forecasting improves forecast accuracy with support for every major forecasting methodology. Fully integrated with DTR’s scheduling features, Forecasting gives you the tools you need to improve planning accuracy and decrease inventory costs.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

DTR’s CRM stores comprehensive customer data in a central location that is tightly integrated with the rest of the DTR feature set. It gives employees in marketing, sales, support, and other departments quick access to the information needed to take advantage of sales opportunities, better meet customer requirements, and improve customer satisfaction.

Preventative Maintenance

The Preventative Maintenance module allows your team to schedule service calls for preventative maintenance and capture all expenses associated with service calls.

Easy Integrations

Aptean DTR is designed to be easily integrated with a variety of other applications that are widely in use in the plastics sector. Integration options range from Microsoft Office applications and EDI platforms to production monitoring tools that extend shop floor visibility.

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Extended Capabilities

CorVu Reporting Software

DTR offers integration with CorVu reporting applications to provide specialized performance management capabilities, including drilldown reports and dashboards.

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Advanced Quality by uniPoint

Advanced Quality by uniPoint helps you track and measure the cost and frequency of quality events, initiate non-conformances and preventative actions, track documentation, and manage preparation for quality audits. uniPoint supports a paperless system that allows all documents to be viewed and shared digitally, while providing full control over each user’s viewing and editing rights.

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Event Management Framework (EMF)

Aptean Event Management Framework (EMF) for DTR allows your company to build its own proactive early warning systems, empowering users to respond to events on the fly and resolve situations before they escalate. EMF is easily integrated into your existing business system infrastructure and can be configured to deliver alert notifications over a variety of communication channels, based on the programmed logic.

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Process Monitoring

DTR offers integration with a range of process monitoring tools to provide a real-time picture of the shop floor, including production, cycle time, up- and down-time, scrap, job schedules, material usage, tool change schedules, machine utilization, and production efficiency. All data is seamlessly integrated with the inventory, manufacturing, and financial data within the DTR ERP.

Barcode Management

DTR offers integration with IMS barcode scanners (allowing users to import barcode data directly into the DTR ERP system) and Loftware barcode label generation (allowing users to easily design and generate barcoding labels that comply with regulations around format, logos, languages, and content).

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