Built for Engineer-to-Order (ETO)

Too many ETO companies have found out the hard way that generic ERP software designed for repetitive manufacturing business models just won’t do. Encompix fills that gap. With specially designed functionality for every aspect of the ETO and project-based manufacturing lifecycle, Encompix helps your operations run smoother from concept to completion.

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Project Budgeting & Costing

Encompix ERP provides powerful tools to help you create accurate project estimates, build and manage detailed budgets, and maintain constant visibility into how you’re doing against your estimates. You can view true actual project costs in real-time and compare actual costs back to original or revised estimates at any point in the project.

Contribution Reporting

With Encompix, you can leverage user-defined contribution codes to analyze project costs by costing category. By aggregating the costs associated with a particular itemlike engineeringacross all points in a project, project managers can easily compare actual costs to the original budget, identify issues, implement change orders and revisions, and provide feedback to adjust the quoting process.

Milestone Billing

Milestone or progress billing is crucial to support cash management throughout projects that may take months, or even years, to completebut traditional ERPs are not designed to support this billing model. Encompix ERP enables your business to efficiently implement and manage milestone billing by configuring progress bills to be auto-generated when specified project stages are completed.

Revenue Recognition

As an ETO manufacturer, you need control over the way you process and recognize revenue on a project-by-project basis. With Encompix, you can use a percentage-of-completion revenue recognition model to generate cash flow throughout long, complex projects, or opt for a completed-contract method for smaller jobs.

Bill of Material Management

Encompix displays BOMs in an indented, hierarchical tree structure, helping your team more easily manage BOMs with thousands of parts and multiple levels of subassemblies. Users can easily open and view subassemblies, control purchasing and scheduling for individual parts, and view costs at every level of the BOM.

Quality Tracking

Through a built-in tool for nonconforming material control, Encompix makes it easy to identify when a component or material is broken, defective, or out of spec. Simply flag it in the system to trigger a non-conformance before tracking the item’s location and investigating the issue.

Warranty & Service Tracking

Encompix has the option to automatically create a serialized master record for all serial-tracked equipment delivered for a project. This enables the tracking of warranty and service information and allows post-installation service costs to be linked back to the original project if required.

Spare Parts Sales

Many ETO manufacturers generate significant revenue from spare parts sales, where margins are typically higher. Encompix provides advanced features to help your company plan and manage spare parts inventories and track post-installation revenue generated by spare parts sales.

Easy Integrations

A key benefit of Encompix ERP is its ability to play well with others. The system offers easy integration with Microsoft Project and allows data to be uploaded from or exported to Microsoft Excel. Encompix also is equipped for CAD Integration, allowing users to establish a real-time, bi-directional flow of information between CAD programs and Encompix that eliminates cumbersome manual data entry and allows users to quickly identify and correct inconsistencies.

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Extended Capabilities

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting enhances the Encompix system with robust financial and operational report-writing and drill-down analytics. It provides quick access to the data that business leaders need to make critical decisions. With Advanced Reporting, you can easily generate spreadsheet-based reports or create dynamic dashboards with graphs and charts using simple drag-and-drop procedures.

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Aptean CADLink

Aptean CADLink establishes a real-time, bidirectional link between your CAD software—including Solidworks, Solid Edge, and Autodesk Inventor—and Encompix ERP, creating a two-way flow of engineering information between the two systems and eliminating redundant data entry. With CADLink, you can generate item master and EBOM records identical to your CAD drawings, quickly assimilate engineering and BOM information between your CAD system and Encompix, and easily identify and resolve inconsistencies.

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Microsoft Project Integration

Encompix is fully integrated with Microsoft Project, the preferred tool for mid-sized, project-based companies. This integration enables users to leverage the Project interface to plan schedules and routings, and then bolt them together with the desired BOMs through Encompix.

Advanced Quality by uniPoint

With Advanced Quality by uniPoint, you can track and measure the cost and frequency of quality events, initiate non-conformances and corrective actions, and track quality documentation. Leveraging the principles of Lean Manufacturing, the solution is ideal for manufacturers tracking ISO compliance (including ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO/TS 16949, AS9100 and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 & Part 820 Compliance).

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Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC)

Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) leverages barcoding to electronically enter data for material transactions, inventory transactions, and labor reporting through a .NET-based mobile interface. Available on smartphones, tablets, hardwired units, and RF handheld devices, SFDC helps reduce the time spent on data entry and improve data accuracy across your operations.

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Event Management Framework (EMF)

Aptean Event Management Framework (EMF) for Encompix allows your company to build its own proactive early warning systems, empowering users to respond to events on the fly and resolve situations before they escalate. EMF is easily integrated into your existing business system infrastructure and can be configured to deliver alert notifications over a variety of communication channels, based on the programmed logic.

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Advanced Scheduling

Advanced Planning & Scheduling is a user-friendly and robust tool that helps manufacturers schedule and sequence activities in their work centers to better meet target delivery dates. The module shares a common database with Encompix ERP and leverages capacity and material constraints with state-of-the-art scheduling algorithms to minimize late jobs and maximize efficiency. The tool makes it easy to view and edit schedules, anticipate issues, and resolve problems on-the-fly.

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