Aptean Equipment Rental ERP

Aptean Equipment Rental ERP is designed to elevate operations in the equipment sales, rental, and service industry. Beyond its transformative tools and capabilities, the integrated design connects departments, data, and processes. Altogether, Aptean Equipment Rental ERP will deliver the precise control, clear visibility, and fluid workflow needed to take your equipment business to the next level.

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Transforming Equipment Operations

Aptean Equipment Rental ERP software is made up of hundreds of features designed to meet the specific needs of equipment dealers. Our step-by-step implementation system makes it seamless to port over your existing rental, sales, services, leasing, finance, warehouse, and logistics processes — while adding new applications to make everything run like clockwork.

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Equipment Sales, Rental & Services

For equipment sales, leasing, and parts, Aptean Equipment Rental ERP offers specialized solutions to manage sales, inventory, logistics, warehousing, and supply chain in one integrated application. For rental businesses, we provide real-time insight into the availability and service history of the fleet along with advanced tools to manage the entire lifecycle of your products. We also help companies manage every aspect of their equipment service business — from in-house repair and on-site mobile services to outsourced fleet management and certification programs.

End-to-End Management

Our enterprise management software will help you manage the entire lifecycle of equipment from purchase to disposition. From the moment machinery and parts land on your dock until products are delivered to your customer, Aptean Equipment Rental ERP is there, helping manage every aspect of your business.

Full-Featured Performance

Aptean Equipment Rental ERP offers all of the sales, purchasing, operations, accounting, and inventory management features found in Microsoft Dynamics — plus much more. We have developed hundreds of features that support equipment services, parts, sales, rental availability, manufacturer data integration, and operations, just to name a few. Adopting such a specialized, full-featured platform reduces implementation cost, risk, and time to rapidly accelerate your return on investment.

Leveraging Data & Analytics

Aptean Equipment Rental ERP runs on the Microsoft Cloud platform and provides the accessibility, scalability, and reliability that you demand from your management software. Whether employees are in the front office, working on the warehouse floor, or out on the road, they can access and analyze the critical data that drives your business.

Meeting All Your Needs

In any industry, only those who have lived the business can truly understand its operational nuances. Fortunately, Aptean has a skilled team of subject matter experts who come from equipment sales, rentals, and service. It's in our DNA. And we have captured every ounce of this first-hand knowledge to create Aptean Equipment Rental ERP, the ideal solution for any company that:

  • Has an array of customers and equipment needs that absolutely must be accurately maintained, managed, and tracked
  • Lacks true visibility into inventory and maintenance
  • Needs to track, manage, and record inventory reporting to ensure that all equipment and parts are accounted for throughout the product life cycle
  • Must manage field service calls from initiation to resolution
  • Requires a paperless environment to avoid losing information and maintain real-time visibility and reporting at all times.

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Supported Equipment Industry Segments

Aptean Equipment Rental ERP is the optimal solution for high-value serialized equipment rental, sales, and service companies.

Aerial Lift

For equipment dealers offering aerial work platforms, articulating booms, scissor lifts, skytraks, telescopic booms, vertical masts, tele-handlers, trailers, overhead cranes.


For equipment dealers offering farm equipment including tractors, scoop-and-carry scrapers, tillers, cutters, and combines.


For equipment dealers offering excavators, bulldozers, earthwork trucks, and other heavy construction equipment.

Material Handling

For equipment dealers offering lift trucks, storage, conveyors, hand trucks and carts, storage, and allied systems.

Power Generation

For equipment dealers offering gas, diesel or electric-powered generators: on-site standby, portable, or storm/emergency backup.

Truck, Trailer and Intermodal

For equipment dealers offering over-the-road trailers, storage trailers, on-site containers, other forms of truck, trailer equipment, rail cars, shipping containers.

Natural Resources and Municipal

For equipment dealers offering vehicles and equipment for municipalities, mining, forestry, and oil and gas.

Specialized Performance

While most ERPs cater to everyone and serve nobody, Aptean Equipment Rental ERP provides exactly what your equipment business needs.

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