Purpose-Built for Equipment Dealers

Generic ERP solutions designed for mega-enterprise manufacturers are not only expensive and difficult to implement — they simply cannot meet the needs of the equipment industry. EquipSoft ERP is here to fill that gap. With a wide range of specialized features, your business will finally have the tools it needs to thrive.

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Equipment Lifecycle Management

On top of all the features built to enhance sales, leasing, rental, parts, and services, EquipSoft ERP allows you to monitor the entire life cycle of your equipment and related components from acquisition to disposal (including warranty information, maintenance, and depreciation schedules). You will also be empowered to improve equipment maintenance and ensure optimal availability, reduce unplanned failures, and optimize long-term profitability.

Assembly, Manufacturing & Logistics

Equipment production can make or break your business. EquipSoft ERP understands this and allows you to manage the assembly or production of equipment for sales or rental, including jobs, scheduling, allied, bill of materials supply forecasting, and demand management. For logistics, the system makes it simple to manage everything related to equipment sales and rental, parts, shipping, and service work orders and dispatch.

Warehouse, Inventory & Parts Management

Your inventory and the work going on in your warehouse are the heart of your business. Stay on top of it all with real-time, detailed inventory and warehouse data that is tied to your sales, parts, service, and rental revenue centers. And with EquipSoft ERP, you can also add a new level of control to managing your OEM and aftermarket replacement parts business, including purchase orders, replenishment, inventory, and warehousing data.

CRM, Reporting & Analytics

Because customer relationships are critical, EquipSoft ERP offers data-driven methods to manage sales and marketing activities that allow you to drill down into customer accounts, rental, and purchase histories, and delivery schedules. And to make sure that data is embedded in everything you do, we also provide the ability to measure business performance by product and line of business as well as create accurate forecasts with both real-time and historical sales and costing data.

Financial Management

Beyond adding layers of operational control, the system empowers you to run every aspect of your company's financials using enterprise class accounting software that can scale up to manage multiple locations, currencies, and lines of business.

By Your Side Throughout the Process

From the initial design and implementation through employee training and the final go-live date, Aptean’s consultants will guide you and your team every step of the way. We've built and refined an implementation process specifically tailored to meet the needs of equipment sales, rentals, and service companies. As you begin to revitalize your systems and set off on a new operational journey, our 360-day onboarding plan details what to expect at each stage along the way.

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