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Aptean JustFood ERP is purpose-built for the food manufacturing industry. With a single ERP software solution, companies can manage all aspects of their operations—from the time materials enter the facility until the finished product is delivered. Through a wide-ranging set of features, JustFood ERP provides the necessary visibility, tracking, and control to take your food business to the next level.

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A sincere thank you to the frontline production workers keeping families fed right now.

An ERP Tailored for Food Manufacturing

Generic ERPs are a poor fit for food manufacturers. With no specific industry focus, implementation times are frustratingly slow and extensive customizations are almost always required. JustFood ERP solves this problem with a system focused on recipe-based manufacturing. This laser focus allows companies to spend less time struggling to make the system work for them and instead devote all their energy to prioritizing the production process, quality management, and the other differentiators that lead to growth.

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Elevate Your Manufacturing & Production

One of the greatest benefits of an ERP is integrating production data across the enterprise. By breaking down barriers between departments, JustFood ERP enables your business to boost efficiency across production and distribution channels. And by managing production scheduling and planning through to batch processing and consolidation, everything will begin to run much more smoothly.

Ensure World-Class Quality Management

JustFood ERP allows you to set up mandatory quality audits and checks from pre-receipt of materials through output and shipment. These audit and check capabilities are essential, and they can be customized to ensure they meet the unique needs of your production process.

Take Control of Food Safety & Compliance

Our JustFood ERP solution makes it simple to comply with food safety requirements by incorporating advanced and practical traceability, quality, and preventative functionality. This will allow you to account for all your raw materials and finished goods throughout the production process and—if necessary—isolate defective products to make sure you are always recall ready.

Optimize Sales to Boost the Bottom Line

Sales are the lifeblood of any operation, and JustFood ERP will empower you to better manage your customers and team through strategies such as detailed pricing configurations, accurate sales commission programs, and trade rebate initiatives. On top of reaping all these obvious benefits, you will improve planning and forecasting—and ultimately the bottom line.

Why JustFood Is Just Right

Many food manufacturers are stuck between two worlds. The biggest ERP systems are either too generic or a poor fit for companies that exist outside the Fortune 500. On the other hand, smaller, more-targeted options will often be outgrown quickly or leave you with buyer’s remorse due to lengthy implementation times, lack of industry expertise, and poor vendor support. JustFood ERP was designed specifically to fill this gap. Finally, food companies can implement the exact solution they need.

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Industries Served

JustFood ERP is an optimal solution for domestic or global food manufacturers across a wide variety of industry segments.

Meat, Poultry & Seafood

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Wholesale Bakeries

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Prepared Packaged Foods

Ingredients, Flavorings & Spices

Frozen Foods

Sauces & Dressings


Chocolate & Confectionery

Purpose-Built Functionality

For food-specific functionality, domain expertise, and proven results, food producers should look no further than JustFood ERP.

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 Plenty of software out there can handle either catch weight or standard weight products, but none except JustFood can handle both.

— Adger Ross, IT Director, Roger Wood Foods

The Original Cakerie becomes BRC Global Standard and GFSI Certified with JustFood ERP

The Original Cakerie set its sights on an ERP system that would provide the visibility needed across departments.

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Enterprise Resource Planning, Aptean JustFood ERP

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Madrona Specialty Foods Streamlines Processes and Increases Visibility with JustFood ERP

Madrona relies on JustFood to streamline its operational processes and gain better insight into its sales, finance, and warehousing data.

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Enterprise Resource Planning, Aptean JustFood ERP

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