Cross-Enterprise Control

Much more than an ERP, the Made2Manage solution provides functionality for every department in your enterprise, including supply chain, customer relationship management (CRM), and business intelligence.

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Quoting & Order Management

With Made2Manage ERP, managing customer orders has never been easier. Whether you need to quickly generate an accurate quote, create a sales order, custom-configure products at the point of sale, or assign special pricing arrangements, you can provide responsive service to your customers. Orders flow directly into purchasing, inventory, and shipping to trigger key production operations.

Real-Time Planning & Scheduling

Made2Manage helps you prioritize, sequence, and schedule job operations across work centers with precision and confidence. The Advanced Scheduling module draws real-time information from your ERP database and leverages capacity and material constraints with sophisticated scheduling algorithms to minimize late jobs and maximize throughput. A user-friendly, drag-and-drop Gantt chart tool makes it easy to view and edit schedules, simulate schedule changes, and react to scheduling issues on-the-fly to ensure on-time delivery.

Procurement Management

Made2Manage gives you the tools you need to understand where your procurement requirements are coming from, plan for those requirements, and execute your supply plan in a cost-effective manner. The system collects demand in a planned purchase order queue that displays all sources of supply and demand with time phasing. Material availability and purchasing queue reports help you manage planning requirements, and a purchase order variance report helps identify vendors that deliver on time and stay within quoted prices. You can even create RFQ forms with a single command.

Production & Engineering Management

With Made2Manage, you’ll have access to a full suite of shop floor execution tools to help you get the job done right, on time, and on budget. The system helps you easily create and track job orders, drive material requirements, and examine job costs in real time throughout the production process. The Shop Floor Manager module helps supervisors track production priorities, order status, work center loads, and labor. Meanwhile, it enables operators to clock in and out and report material movements and work order completion via simple touch screens. Made2Manage also helps you efficiently maintain process routings and bills of material (BOMs). Further enhance BOM management by using the Aptean CADLink module to integrate BOM data in Made2Manage with CAD applications like SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Creo, Solid Edge, and more.

Materials Management

Made2Manage delivers a range of features to help you more efficiently manage material resources and inventory transactions. You can easily track part and material lot information and generate detailed reports. Plus, Made2Manage helps you automate inventory and labor transactions with wireless barcode technology via the Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) tool. With Made2Manage, you can confidently make materials management decisions.

Financial Management

From budgeting and cash flow management to preparing detailed financial reports, Made2Manage’s financial application tools help you carefully manage your bottom line. Monitor all your checking account transactions, develop budget forecasts, automate billing processes, and more. Multi-site capabilities allow you to manage financial data across multiple finished good warehouses, distribution centers, storage facilities, and/or manufacturing plants at geographically separate facilities.

Business Intelligence

Made2Manage provides quick access to the data you need to make critical business decisions. Pre-configured pivot tables and business performance notifications help you easily monitor KPIs and pull custom reports. Leverage the Aptean Analytics module to translate big data into meaningful views of business KPIs and trends delivered via user-friendly, interactive dashboards. Use Advanced Reporting to generate and distribute robust financial and operational reports with graphs, charts, and gauges using simple drag-and-drop procedures.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Made2Manage provides embedded CRM features to help you efficiently manage customer information, opportunities, and support from a single platform. Easily schedule future interactions, meetings, and to-do items related to individual customers to ensure key relationships are maintained and nurtured. You can also receive and replace, receive and rework, or receive and credit using the embedded RMA functionality. The Made2Manage CRM supports full integration with Microsoft Outlook to further streamline your workflow.

Built-In Customization Tools

User-friendly customization tools allow you to modify and extend your Made2Manage solution based on your specific business needs. Create and customize forms and menus, control user access rights, and modify workflows to support unique operations at different locations or subsidiaries. Made2Manage can also be seamlessly integrated with complementary solutions such as Aptean Event Management Framework (EMF), Aptean Product Configurator, and more.

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Extended Capabilities

Advanced Scheduling

Advanced Scheduling helps manufacturers schedule and sequence activities in their work centers to better meet target delivery dates. The solution leverages Theory of Constraints methodology and advanced scheduling algorithms, sharing a common database with Made2Manage ERP to ensure alignment with purchasing, order entry, and other ERP functions. With easy drag-and-drop functionality, Advanced Scheduling makes it easy to view and edit schedules, anticipate issues, and resolve problems on-the-fly.

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Aptean Analytics for Made2Manage

Aptean Analytics is a robust business intelligence tool that helps manufacturers translate big data into meaningful views of business KPIs and trends. With user-friendly dashboards built specifically for discrete manufacturers, you can quickly drill down into issues related to profitability, planning, manufacturing, quality, purchasing, inventory, and sales and delivery. You can also conduct searches and interact with analytics from various browsers and tablets. Changes and customizations can be made easily, enabling new data insights on the fly.

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Shop Floor Manager

With Shop Floor Manager, supervisors can keep tabs on production priorities, order status, work center loads, and employee utilization at a glance. Work center operators are provided with a user-friendly, touch-enabled dashboard that lets them clock in and out of work orders and report work order completion and material movements from a mobile device.

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Shop Floor Data Collection

Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) enables the use of barcode mobile scanners to efficiently track material issues, work order receipts, inventory movements, and labor transactions on the shop floor as they occur. Available on smartphones, tablets, hardwired units, and RF handheld devices, SFDC allows employees to remotely enter labor data regarding a specific project or work order from anywhere in the world. The tool also helps decrease receiving errors by allowing incoming material to be scanned into Made2Manage the moment it arrives.

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Aptean CADLink

Aptean CADLink establishes a real-time, bidirectional link between your CAD software (including Solidworks, Solid Edge, and Autodesk Inventor) and Made2Manage ERP, enabling a two-way flow of engineering information and BOM data between your disparate software systems. With CADLink, you can create Item Master & EBOM records identical to CAD drawings, automate duplicate data entry, and quickly assimilate engineering BOM information between your CAD system and Made2Manage.

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Advanced Quality by uniPoint

Advanced Quality by uniPoint enables you to track and measure the cost and frequency of quality events, initiate non-conformances and corrective preventative actions, and manage quality documentation to streamline preparation for quality audits. The solution also supports the tracking of ISO compliance, including ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO/TS 16949, AS9100 and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 & Part 820 Compliance.

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Made2Manage Web API

The Web API gives your organization full access to the business logic of Made2Manage – enabling you to manipulate, update, and share information from outside the Made2Manage interface. Use the API to create custom reporting solutions, integrate Made2Manage with other enterprise systems, and more – all while adhering to Made2Manage’s business rules and master control settings. User-friendly configuration tools give you full control over the actions and resources you want to expose and who can access them.

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Aptean Event Management Framework (EMF)

Aptean Event Management Framework (EMF) is a comprehensive alerting solution that can be used to automate a vast range of tasks. Use EMF to monitor various processes, notify staff members to concerns, respond to exceptions, answer queries, and automate communication with employees, customers, and vendors. EMF can predict and react to events in Made2Manage ERP, and then deliver critical information to the relevant stakeholders and departments via automated notifications, texts or emails. Easily integrated with Made2Manage, EMF is a one-stop shop for all your alerting requirements.

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