Aptean Retail ERP

Aptean Retail ERP is an industry-leading multi-channel retail platform designed to help your organization grow, evolve and deliver outstanding customer service. Our comprehensive solution provides all the functionality you need to run your multi-channel retail business while enabling improved supply chain operations and efficiencies.

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Maximize your multi-channel retail success

The way consumers make purchases in today’s marketplace continues to evolve with an increasing pressure on retailers to adapt to rising expectations and create a seamless, consistent buying experience. Our retail ERP software is built to empower your business operations. It helps you to manage multiple sales channels, offer flexible fulfillment options, streamline stock visibility and achieve a single view of customers to transform the user experience and drive sales.

Aptean Retail ERP is an intuitive solution, providing the functionalities you need to optimize operations, add value and maximize business growth for continued retail success.

Single Customer View

Get a 360° view of customer behavior, providing invaluable customer analysis for better target marketing and personalization to improve the customer experience and drive sales.

Flexible Order Fulfillment

Streamline stock visibility and automation across channels to increase control and traceability of stock movements across single or multiple locations throughout the supply chain.

Comprehensive Product Management

Consolidate and optimize your entire product management with seamless distribution of product information across all customer touchpoints to deliver consistent data throughout the business.

Intelligent Inventory Management

Get a single view of stock in real-time with our flexible and configurable system, visible across all sales channels and operations. Ensure orders are fulfilled quickly and efficiently by aligning supply and demand.

Create a seamless, consistent shopping experience

Businesses operating across multiple channels must ensure they provide a seamless shopping experience for customers, no matter where, when or how they choose to shop. Whether you’re an experienced multi-channel retailer, ecommerce or wholesale distributor, Aptean Retail ERP can help you drive sales and improve the customer journey by:

  • Optimizing sales channels and back office operations to maximize operational processes
  • Providing complete business visibility to enhance the multi-channel experience for customers
  • Improving service and profitability that underpin business growth
  • Driving sales opportunities, cutting costs and improving efficiencies

Industries Served

Aptean Retail ERP is designed to optimize operations for continued success and business growth. We have over 25 years experience in developing specialist ERP software for retail and wholesale distribution companies.

We provide flexible industry-specific software to help organizations manage their day-to-day operations and streamline their processes while delivering an exceptional service to customers across all channels.

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Streamline Your Operations

Aptean Retail ERP software supports major leading retailers and wholesalers worldwide, helping boost their success through continued technological developments tailored to suit each organization's unique needs.