Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP Ross Edition

Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP Ross Edition is a next generation Enterprise Resource Planning system for growing, mid-market recipe- and formula-based manufacturers. Its specialized capabilities can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and provide industry compliance. Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP has been designed with best business practices to support your unique business requirements and processes.

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A sincere thank you to the frontline production workers keeping families fed right now.

Revolutionizing Recipe and Formula-Based Manufacturing

Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP Ross Edition is designed to support manufacturers that are recipe- or formula-based to successfully manage the variability and complexities of their products and processes, as well as accurately account for all resources, including raw materials and packaging supplies, equipment and labor, and finished products, including co-products and by-products. This will significantly improve production planning and efficiency, product costing, inventory, and lot management while providing bi-directional traceability and recall capabilities. Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP gives you the information you need, when you need it, provides transparency and improves productivity throughout your enterprise. No other enterprise solution does more for the food and beverage, specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical/biotech industries. With Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP you’ll also benefit from flexible deployment options, including SaaS and on-premise.

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Improved Operations Management & Reduced Costs

Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP is built for recipe- and formula-based production. It includes robust production management, quality, and costing solutions, as well as applications for shop floor management. Users are empowered to improve operations throughout the enterprise and standardize operations across the globe, which means handling complex business processes has never been easier.

Traceability for Compliance & Recall

Because traceability is paramount in industries like food and beverage, specialty chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP has designed this as a core capability. From raw ingredients to finished goods, along with processes, equipment, personnel, and quality tests, users will always have full traceability of their products and processes throughout the supply chain, dramatically increasing the response time performing mock recalls and audits.

Proactively Manage Inventory, Locations & Shelf Life Across the Enterprise

Inventory management is part of the core foundation of Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP, providing the enterprise with real time inventory visibility, as well as projected inventory balances in the future based on supply and demand to effectively manage inventory. Manufacturers will benefit from increased inventory turns and reduce or eliminate expired and short shelf life inventory with tools to manage the present and the future.

Increase Margins & Manage Revenue Leakage

In addition to lowering manufacturing and administrative costs, Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP can improve the bottom line by giving your operations improved product costing and profitability management. Cost simulation with sales price margin forecasting prevents surprises later. Customer and product profitability analytics provides actionable information to increase margins and solve problems. The ability to manage promotions, rebates, discounts, and customer bill backs also prevents revenue leakage in a competitive environment.

Industry-Specific ERP

Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP offers a full-featured solution that comes equipped with ready-made functionality for virtually every requirement for a Food and Beverage, Specialty Chemical, or Pharmaceutical/Biotech company. Using a solution that is designed for your industry eliminates the need for time-consuming customizations and clunky add-ons that are needed for generic ERP solutions. Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP easily scales with you as your business grows, where you can avoid a costly and disruptive replacement in the future. In addition, you can expand your capabilities with other Aptean process solutions that are seamlessly integrated as you grow, unlike other market offerings.

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Industries Served

Unlike enterprise resource planning systems designed for discrete manufacturing, Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP optimizes operations for process manufacturers and includes multi-stage traceability features that streamline compliance and recall management in regulated industries.

Food & Beverage

Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP helps monitor and manage your critical manufacturing processes ensuring adherence to food safety regulations.

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Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP for chemicals is unique in its focus on manufacturers that make and package their products through formula-based processes.

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From nutraceuticals and personal care to over-the-counter generics and pharmaceutical manufacturers, our success comes from listening intently to you and to the unique needs of your business.

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The Power of Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP

When recipe- and formula-based manufacturing is your lifeblood, you need a solution tailored to your industry’s specific needs. Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP’s next gen platform with flexible deployment options is a proven performer to help growing companies thrive in the market.

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Hammond Group, Inc. Improves Productivity and Reduces Cost with Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP Ross Edition

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Enterprise Resource Planning, Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP Ross Edition

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I am able to regain at least a month of productivity over the course of a year with RDM (Ross Database Manager).

— Carl Block, System Administrator, ISMIE Mutual Insurance Company

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