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Aptean Ross ERP is the best solution available for recipe- or formula-based production in the process manufacturing sector. From inventory and quality management to traceability and profitability forecasting, its wide range of features are second to none. And whether you are looking for an on-premise solution or a pure SaaS offering, Ross ERP’s flexible deployment options and experienced staff streamline your implementation process.

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Recipe- and Formula-Based Specialization

Ross ERP’s full array of processes are based on a scalable recipe- or formula-based model to support manufacturing requirements that a traditional bill of material (BOM) does not support. This includes recipes or formulas with minimum and maximum batch sizes, potency and dependency formulas for inputs, and miscellaneous non-inventory inputs. Allergen control, yield management, and quality tests are also available.

Traceability & Recall

The Trace Express component of Ross ERP provides a user-friendly, graphical lot trace and recall capability that gives you omni-directional visibility (including supplier receipts, customer shipments, and invoices) across the supply chain. Multi-stage process manufacturers can streamline compliance requirements and recall management with the flexible ability to trace a defective product or lot from finished good back to raw ingredient, from raw ingredient to finished good, or from mid-production backward and forward.

Operational Visibility & Intelligence

Ross ERP provides full transparency across all areas of the enterprise, including purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, and sales, to enable the business to accurately and easily determine profit and impact change.  With our built-in dashboards, you have the data and intelligence needed to drive your business forward.

Inventory & Warehouse Management

Ross ERP’s inventory and warehouse management application includes full lot control with expiration dates that can be entered with customer requirements for minimum shelf life. The system also supports multiple units of measure and includes catchweight and potency capabilities along with multiple packaging options.


Ross ERP is available as a native iPhone and Android application that provides continuous, rapid access to your ERP information to ensure your workforce stays connected, anywhere and anytime.  Remote workers have on-demand access to pricing quotes, sales history, inventory, as well as customer accounts. Using simple dashboards, the mobile capability of Ross ERP provides a consistent user experience, even when on the go, extending your supply chain operations to mobile devices.

Action Center

With user configurable tiles, the Action Center makes it easier to locate key information quickly – such as sales orders entered, outstanding cash receipts due or past due, number of returns, and more – and high/low warning threshold limits make the information actionable. Embedded user-configured, KPI-based graphs with drill down capabilities provide users with key actionable tasks they need to perform. You’ll also benefit from Aptean Event Management Framework (EMF)-based alerts, robust error alerting that is automated and allows you to visually designate the severity of the alert.

Product Costing & Inventory Valuation

Ross ERP offers product costing and inventory valuation options including standard, weighted, average, and lot actual costs to support commodity-based material costs along with both “future” and “what if” costing simulation. Product costing and profitability forecasting is also built into the system, enabling users to have a direct impact on the bottom line.


We understand that producing a high-quality product is essential, and that is why we have built robust quality functionality into the core solution.  With Ross ERP you can be confident you are quality compliant and that it can be easily demonstrated and retrieved in the event of a mock recall or audit.


Juggling continually changing priorities to meet service levels and financial targets is a constant challenge. As supply chains become more complex, and customer expectations rise, aligning production, inventory, and supply is also increasingly difficult. Production managers want to maximize efficiency by planning long runs with few changeovers. Finance managers want to maximize equipment utilisation, while minimizing raw materials and finished good inventories. And customers want to minimize inventory levels, expecting faster order-to-delivery cycles. Ross ERP’s planning capabilities help manufacturers balance these conflicting objectives.

Financial Control & Reporting

Ross Financial Management provides transparency, data integrity, and regulatory compliance of your company’s financial position with a single, centralized financial data warehouse, enabling integrated reporting, planning, budgeting, forecasting, and GL analysis. The financial reporting supports customized filtering, drill down analysis, and report scheduling capability while reducing the cost of administration and ownership. The intuitive and personally-tailored, real-time solution provides an insightful and precise review of financial statements and related departmental reports and is available anywhere, anytime via browser access.

Data Collection

With real-time data that accurately represents the key steps in your manufacturing process, you’ll be better equipped to identify and address tactical problems as well as emerging trends that could require further process improvements. The result? Higher quality products, a faster time to market, quicker inventory turns, and lower manufacturing costs. With data collection from Ross ERP, you can automate materials tracking, improve accuracy and productivity, make receiving and inventory management more efficient, speed shipping, and provide real-time shop floor visibility.

Mobile-Enabled Ross Production Manager

Increase efficiency, reduce information errors, and eliminate paperwork while gaining access to what’s currently happening in your factory with Ross Production Manager (RPM). Featuring role-based user profiles, this integrated, enterprise application allows workers on the production floor to reference today’s job lists and production plans in real-time from anywhere within the factory. Additionally, supervisors can quickly select one or multiple production areas to view job completion percentages, and drill down further for a transparent look into today’s production.

Sales & Pricing

The sales and distribution capabilities of Ross ERP include flexible pricing, promotions, and discount features. Each of these options can be customized in line with customer specifications to define lot characteristics and shelf life.

Sales Portal

The Sales Portal for Ross ERP gives you a secure, online way to manage web-based content and support online ordering.  Whether you want to manage content and production catalogs, marketing promotions, or online orders, the Sales Portal can do it all.

Ross Professional Services

The Ross Professional Services team supports your ERP solution throughout its lifetime helping you make the most out of the tools that will best help you grow, give you the fastest return on investment, and protect your brand. This includes migrating smoothly to the newest technologies as they become available, making Ross the perfect fit for your growing and changing business.

Promotions, Rebates, & Customer Billback Management

Automate your chargeback validation process and stay on top of high data volumes, non-standard pricing, management fees and rebates, and regulatory compliance requirements. You can also manage special promotions and ensure up-to-the-minute pricing data for multiple customers and clients.

Easy Integrations

Ross ERP not only offers the best-in-market solution for recipe- and formula-based manufacturers, but it can easily integrate with other management systems as a company grows, scales, or needs to add capabilities. Ross can easily be combined with Aptean Factory MES, Aptean TabWare EAM, Aptean Catalyst WMS, and Aptean Event Management Framework, among other solutions.

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Enhanced Capabilities

Aptean Analytics

With Aptean Analytics for Ross ERP, you can easily identify and share business insights with relevant stakeholders to accelerate business decisions and action. Aptean Analytics presents intelligence in pre-built, interactive dashboards and dynamic reports that deliver insight into your operations and allow you to drill-down into key performance indicators (KPIs).

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Ross Data Manager

Ross Data Manager (RDM) is designed to help manufacturers easily archive data and retrieve archived information. This tool simplifies the process by pre-defining the date when data is set to be archived and identifying its record status.

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Supply Chain Planning

Plan and forecast proactively, optimize production schedules for low-cost and high-quality customer service, minimize inventory investments, and streamline distribution operations with Ross ERP’s Supply Chain Planning functionality.

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Aptean Event Management Framework

Aptean Event Management Framework (EMF) is an advanced solution designed to provide actionable insight into events across the enterprise. With EMF you can enhance communication with customers, vendors, and internal staff by automating routing and exception-based email and text message notices. Email Ross to “ask” a question while on the road and get real-time status for a customer, vendor, or order.

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Leverage Aptean eCommerce to quickly and easily launch an online storefront for business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) commerce. Two-way integration with Ross ERP will enable you to seamlessly import products and pricing from Ross into your eCommerce storefront, and purchases made in eCommerce will be automatically captured as orders in Ross.

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Online Payments

Accept digital payments from your customers and capture them in Ross ERP with Aptean Pay, a cloud-native payment platform. Aptean Pay is fully integrated with Ross, allowing you to automate time-consuming accounting processes like Accounts Receivable reconciliation, invoicing communications and more.

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