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As manufacturing continues to evolve in the Industry 4.0 era, manufacturers must better manage inventory, increase productivity, gain better control of material acquisition, reduce lead times, and improve quality to remain competitive. Aptean manufacturing execution system (MES) offerings provide real-time, actionable data that empowers you to measure overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), optimize operations, and improve your overall plan attainment. Our MES solutions are designed to maximize efficiency and lower production costs by reducing waste and creating a culture of continuous improvement. Our technologies have the measurement, analysis and simulation capabilities you need to plan better and react sooner when problems arise. You’ll transform your manufacturing performance with Aptean manufacturing execution solutions.

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Aptean MES Products

Aptean Factory MES
Overview Industries

Aptean Factory MES (Manufacturing Execution System) uses real-time, shop-floor data to give operators, supervisors and executives actionable intelligence and complete visibility into production and quality…

  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
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    Aptean Activplant MES

    Aptean Activplant MES provides a set of world-class analytical tools for manufacturing companies to turn unstructured data into actionable business intelligence. Equipped with real-time insights—tracked…

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    AXXOS OEE is a production monitoring solution with a strong focus on follow-up and optimization, that will give you the full picture of how effectively your production is running.

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    Aptean's MES solutions are purpose-built to support your industry needs and unique business challenges. Explore our customer success stories, videos and upcoming events to learn more.

     The fact that Aptean allows customers to feed best practice requirements from our industry into the product is a big benefit that I don’t see with other companies where it’s just ‘this is what you get’ and that’s it.

    — Don Reese, Senior Operations Data Analyst, Litehouse Foods

    Aptean Factory MES Case Study: Litehouse Foods

    Since 2007, Litehouse has relied on Factory MES to drive continuous improvement and better streamline their production processes.

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    Manufacturing Execution Systems, Aptean Factory MES

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    • Feb04

      Factory MES Product Tour

      Feb 04, 2020   |  Online

      Join us for a product tour of Factory MES to see how you can obtain key analytics to improve service levels and reduce costs.

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    • Feb12

      Maintenance Dortmund

      Feb 12-13, 2020   |  Dortmund, Germany

      This is a must-attend event for asset intensive companies and maintenance experts from all industrial sectors.

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