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Aptean OEE increases visibility into production efficiency through real-time visualization. Dedicated to supplying you with the data needed for fact-based decision-making, it enables a successful continuous improvement process. Aptean OEE is available as a SaaS or on-premise deployment.

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Monitor your production status in real-time, either on large displays in the factory, at workstations, or from mobile devices. Timely distributed reports keep your organization up-to-date and prepared.


Efficiently analyze production information using powerful and easy-to-use tools. With a few clicks, you can scrutinize information covering all of the production, and you can drill down to a specific department, machine, order, or article.


Access production status from your smartphone or tablet. Manage incident reporting on-the-go and subscribe to alerts that will notify you of new, relevant issues. You can have the factory at your fingertips.

Easy Follow-Up

Empower operators to easily register details about the causes of disturbances. By reducing the time for follow-up reporting, operators can instead focus on quality and continuous improvement.

Turn-Key Solutions

Benefit from built-in best practices developed in long-term cooperation with manufacturing customers. Fast implementation leads to quick results and payback on investments.

Andon Alerts

Create awareness and enable timely action for production issues. Management, maintenance personnel, operators, and other employees can subscribe to push notifications – directly to their mobile devices.

Operator Maintenance and Quality Control

Enable efficient maintenance and quality control. Skip the binders and instruction books. Track upcoming maintenance and immediately report on the performed work from the operator’s workstation or a mobile device.

Designed for Integration

A smooth integration with your business, manufacturing, and maintenance systems makes re-entry of data unnecessary. Create efficient workflows and maximize the use of your data.


With a modular design and support for multiple sites, time zones, and languages, Aptean OEE supports the specific needs of your organization and grows with you, independent of current size and structure.

SaaS or On-Premise Deployment

Aptean OEE as a cloud solution provides for fast deployment with a low total cost of ownership, security, high availability, and smooth upgrades. If preferred, an on-premise installation will give you solid support for your operations.

IoT and Data Collection

Aptean OEE builds the backbone of your future production with a straight-forward and cost-effective connection of any machinery regardless of age to local or global networks.

Easy to Use

Aptean OEE has an intuitive and effective user interface. With one click reporting and information at their fingertips, your staff will spend less time figuring out issues, and more time focused on quality and continuous improvement. 

Aptean OEE Modules

Aptean OEE Client

Aptean OEE Client includes the core functionality of the system with support for data collection, downtime reporting, scheduling, order handling, and presentation of data. The web-based user interface gives easy access to an overview of data as well as details. Automatic distribution of timely reports by email or scheduled printing will keep your organization well prepared for efficient meetings.

Aptean OEE Visualize

Aptean OEE Visualize shows your production status in real-time, on large displays in the factory, at workstations, and on mobile clients. The increased awareness of the current status will enhance your focus on productivity and improvement activities.

Aptean OEE Analyze

Aptean OEE Analyze is an intuitive tool for quick and easy analysis of production information. With a few clicks, you can create an overview covering all of the production, with the ability to drill down to department, machine, order, or product level.

Aptean OEE Mobile

Aptean OEE Mobile gives you access to the most important functions of Aptean OEE on your smartphone or tablet. Whether you need feedback on production status, detailed information on production problems, or easy issue reporting, Aptean OEE Mobile has the information you need, wherever and whenever you need it.

Aptean OEE Andon

Aptean OEE Andon is an efficient tool for creating awareness of and enabling timely action on production issues. Management, maintenance personnel, operators, and other workers can receive push notifications about problems in process or production equipment within their specific areas of interest – sent directly to their mobile device.

Aptean OEE Operator Task

Aptean OEE Operator Task is the tool for efficient and systematic maintenance and quality control work. Skip the binder solutions and instruction books at the machines. With Aptean OEE Operator Task you can track upcoming maintenance with associated checklists directly in Aptean OEE and immediately report on performed work – all from the operator’s workstation or a mobile device.

Aptean OEE Integrator

Aptean OEE Integrator saves time and effort by facilitating system integration. The smooth integration with your business, manufacturing, and maintenance systems eliminates manual data re-entry so users can focus on using the digital tools they need for their daily routines.

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