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Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE not only drives continuous improvement for your operations, it also focuses on developing advanced features never before seen in the OEE space.

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Optimize Plan Attainment & OEE

Don’t just measure Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)—manage it. Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE allows your team on the shop floor to take action and respond in real time when losses occur to help you not only achieve, but exceed your plan attainment.


With Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE’s collaboration dashboard your team members within a plant have instant visibility into messages, tasks, and notes. This open collaboration platform truly gives everyone on the shop floor a voice to track and resolve issues in real-time.

Labor Planning & Tracking

Track and manage the actual deployment of labor throughout the factory by shift or line to better control labor costs.

End-to-End Yield Tracking

Identify causes of yield loss of batching all the way to packaging to reduce your manufacturing costs and improve overall plan attainment.

Paperless Quality Compliance

The Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE Quality module introduces true paperless quality into your shop floor. Built with a full suite of SPC tools, Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE Quality allows users to track compliance and manage by exception in real-time. Intuitive dashboards allow you to let go of monitoring line checks for completion and offer preventative controls that align to initiatives such as SQF (Safe Quality Food), FSMA (FDA Food Safety Modernization Act), BRC (British Retail Consortium), and GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative).

Continuous Improvement Campaign Management

Promote improvement initiatives throughout the factory and wider enterprise, aided by the ability to close the loop between potential and actual improvements by measuring opportunity in financial terms. Users can manage improvement campaigns that directly map to a proven process guided by the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) methodology.

IoT & Data Collection

Accelerate deployment and minimize any disruptions to operations, while also reducing many of the costs associated with a OEE implementation. With this innovation, we can set up sensors on your lines and begin seeing results immediately—you, in fact, could begin seeing visibility into production today.

Two-Day Profit Audit

With the Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE complimentary two-day profit audit, we’ll send our internal experts out to your plant to understand your facility’s culture, operations and metrics. Once current efficiencies are baselined, we will share potential improvements and projected ROI to benchmark against.

Sanitation & Changeovers

Use industry-first capabilities to track actual changeover times, manage exceptions and overruns, as well as optimize your efficiencies around sanitation.

CIP & Tank Changes

Accurately measure CIP (clean in progress) times to minimize production disruption. Countdown clocks track the impact of tank changes on your schedule attainment.

Automated QA Results

Automatically collect QA test results from production line devices including weigh scales, check weighers, and metal detectors. Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE can integrate with QA test equipment such as pH, brix and torque, among other QA instrumentation. With Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE, you can also conform to regulatory safety requirements while reducing the admin burden across the factory by automating Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), work permits, and other safety procedures.

CI-Focused Implementation

Our Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE manufacturing consultants help customers manage the all-important cultural change to succeed. Because buy-in, risk management, and senior-level commitment are essential to changing behavior, we bring together a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in project management, education, automation, and continuous improvement practices. This will all be delivered under a proven model designed to take customers live in as little as four weeks and deliver results by 12 weeks. And our global perspective supports multi-national implementations that span continents—following a tested, systematic model that ensures consistency and quick results no matter where the factory is located.

Full Suite of Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE Solutions

Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE Performance

Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE Performance is at the heart of the solution and delivers the capabilities to drive productivity improvements while managing complex product profiles and differing shift patterns across multiple lines. Whether you need packaged performance metrics, predefined workflows, changeovers, CIP, or cost-per-unit tracking at the product, line, shift or plant level, Performance will enable your factory floor to take action and make adjustments in real-time. Designed to address the usability needs of a shop floor environment, users will benefit from the simplicity of an app bundled with the power of enterprise software.

Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE Improve

The Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE Improve module offers full transparency into improvement initiatives throughout the factory and enterprise. Using intelligence collected from day-to-day shop floor activities, Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE Improve establishes a foundation for prioritizing key initiatives, executing root-cause analysis, and measuring performance. By categorizing performance issues in line with the top losses that affect production, the module automatically quantifies the greatest opportunities to recover lost hours and production units. Pre-configured online campaigns can be created—with established improvement targets—to track against the team’s daily performance.

Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE Analytics

The Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE Analytics module is an easy-to-use business intelligence (BI) viewer that allows users to create reports and dashboards with ease. It allows production and quality data to be analyzed together across different perspectives such as product, line, shift, crew, and run length. This level of granularity, especially when combined with Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE Performance and Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE Improve, gives manufacturers the power to identify variability patterns, prioritize improvement initiatives, improve service levels, and reduce overtime and product costs.

Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE Quality

The Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE Quality module equips operators to perform product quality and other checks as part of a real-time, day-to-day routine. There is no paperwork to file—just touch-screen, handheld technology. Armed with key information, operators can make immediate adjustments to waste and yield issues while ensuring full audit compliance. The solution provides vital pass/fail metrics for stock-in-quarantine, ensuring rapid supervisory sign-off and instant notifications of any quality threshold violations. Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE Quality’s direct links to bar-coding and image-recognition hardware also enable full, end-of-line packaging compliance.

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