A Scalable Online Storefront That Works With Your Aptean ERP

With Aptean eCommerce, you can quickly and easily launch an online B2B or B2C storefront that will feature two-way integration with your Aptean ERP. eCommerce delivers a sophisticated feature set that streamlines and automates your fulfilment processes while delivering a user-friendly shopping experience to your customers.

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Product Data From Your ERP

Automatically import your product catalog and pricing straight from your ERP, including SKU, price, weight, image, and other product details. Inventory management data in your ERP – like physical stock, available quantities, and backorder and pre-order status – also flows into eCommerce, so shoppers can see if a product is out of stock or backordered, and when it will be available again.

Promotions and Discounts

eCommerce continually syncs with your ERP, so promotions or discounts you set for your products in the ERP will be reflected in your eCommerce product catalog right away.

Checkout Options

Shoppers can select Guest Checkout for one-time checkout, or can create an account in eCommerce to streamline the process for future purchases.

Integration with Aptean Pay

eCommerce leverages Aptean Pay – our ERP-integrated payment platform – to accept digital payments for online purchases. The use of Aptean Pay enables near-instant payment capture, automated Accounts Receivable reconciliation, and other accounting efficiencies.

Shipping Methods

eCommerce is integrated with major shipping carriers like UPS and FedEx, so you can connect your carrier accounts and allow customers to select their preferred option.

Tax Features

Avalara tax functionality is available in eCommerce for streamlined sales tax calculations. Easily connect your existing Avalara account if you have one, or create a new account.

Engagement Content

Easily add polls, news articles, blogs, and other content to your storefront to boost customer engagement. eCommerce also features built-in tools to support search engine optimization (SEO), helping improve your search rankings and increase organic traffic to your storefront.

Security and Compliance

eCommerce meets all GDPR and PCI requirements, with regular updates made in response to legislative changes. The platform also provides SSL support, honeypot support to catch spam, and a strong and flexible customer password policy.


The eCommerce interface is fully responsive and mobile-friendly, so your customers can shop from the convenience of their smartphones or tablets.

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