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Aptean Pay is an integrated payment platform that allows you to accept digital payments from your customers and capture them automatically in your Aptean ERP. Aptean Pay is fully integrated with several Aptean ERPs, including Aptean Distribution ERP, Ross, JustFood, bcFood, and LINKFRESH.

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Automate and Streamline Your Payment Processes

Aptean Pay not only makes it easy to accept digital payments from your customers – it also integrates with your Aptean ERP, automating and streamlining your accounting processes. Record payment transactions moments after they occur, automate Accounts Receivable reconciliation, and even send invoicing communications programmatically, reducing labor costs and human error.

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Get Paid Faster

Stop waiting around for checks to arrive. With Aptean Pay, customers can pay you immediately when they receive an online invoice, so you can accept payments even before processing and shipping orders.

Automate Time-Consuming Processes

With Aptean Pay, payment transactions are automatically captured in your ERP, automating Accounts Receivable reconciliation. You can also send payment requests and receipts to your customers automatically via email and/or SMS.

Improve Financial Reporting Accuracy

Aptean Pay reconciles payment transactions in your ERP nearly instantaneously, reducing errors and delays in your accounting data so you can pull more accurate, up-to-date financial reports.

Get Started in Minutes

Setting up Aptean Pay is quick and painless. Simply create a merchant account, set your pay-out frequency settings, enter your bank account information, and start accepting digital payments right away.

Transform the Way You Process Payments

When your customers pay you, you want to recognize that revenue as soon as possible, but traditional payment processes can slow you down. Whether you’re still dealing with the hassle of processing paper checks – or using a digital solution that doesn’t connect with your ERP – Aptean Pay is here to help. Built especially for Aptean ERP users, this user-friendly digital payment platform helps you get paid faster and streamlines labor-intensive accounting tasks so you can focus on running your business.

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ERP Integrations

Aptean Pay is an ideal solution for any company that uses an Aptean ERP and wants to accept digital payments from customers. Aptean Pay currently supports integration with Aptean Distribution ERP, Ross ERP, JustFood ERP, bcFood ERP, and LINKFRESH ERP, with additional ERP integrations coming soon.

Aptean Distribution ERP

An ERP designed for consumer goods importers and distributors.

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Ross ERP

A next-gen ERP for mid-market recipe- and formula-based manufacturers.

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JustFood ERP

An ERP built for food companies to improve food safety, streamline operations and manage growth.

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An ERP with critical fresh produce industry functionality for farmers and growers.

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bcFood ERP 

An ERP solution built on best practices for food processors, manufacturers and distributors.

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The Power of Ross ERP

When recipe- and formula-based manufacturing is your lifeblood, you need a solution tailored to your industry’s specific needs. Ross ERP’s next gen platform with flexible deployment options is a proven performer to help growing companies thrive in the market.

Hammond Group, Inc. Improves Productivity and Reduces Cost with Aptean Ross ERP

Hammond Group, Inc. is a global specialty chemical company focused on serving the world's battery industry. Initially, they implemented an ERP…

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