Aptean Catalyst WMS

Aptean Catalyst WMS is a robust, scalable, and configurable warehouse management system for organizations with complex supply chains and distribution networks, including multi-site and multinational environments. Catalyst WMS delivers end-to-end visibility and flexible control over the full scope of your warehouse operations, empowering your team to optimize warehouse space, improve inventory accuracy, and maximize throughput.

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Dynamic Warehouse Management

Catalyst WMS manages all aspects of warehousing operations—including receiving and putaway, inventory management, order fulfillment, picking, loading, and shipping. It also provides a range of extended features for labor management, transportation management, supplier quality tracking, and more. Across every process it supports, Catalyst WMS automates time-consuming tasks and helps warehouse managers more effectively monitor and manage their workforce, warehouse space, and equipment.

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Drive Customer Satisfaction

Catalyst WMS enhances visibility and control across every area of your operations, helping you deliver accurately and on-time to your customers. During the order picking process, the system drives efficiency with flexible wave planning while ensuring items are in stock and customers actually get what they purchased. It supports loading and shipping with real-time tracking and automation tools that help ensure the right product is on the right trailer in the right sequence. The Advanced Crossdock Planning feature further streamlines shipping by enabling received product to be moved directly from the receiving dock to the shipping dock to fulfil outbound orders.

Enhance Employee Productivity

Catalyst WMS replaces manual processes and outdated systems throughout all areas of warehouse operations with automated solutions, ensuring that workers are only doing tasks that can’t be automated. It also offers powerful labor and workload management tools—from task interleaving and flexible wave planning to real-time performance dashboards—to help warehouse managers optimize employee productivity. By enhancing worker productivity throughout your operations, Catalyst WMS helps reduce labor costs while improving throughput, inventory accuracy, and customer service with faster deliveries and superior fulfillment rates.

Scales with Your Business

Catalyst WMS is a highly scalable solution that has been proven in warehouses and distribution centers of all sizes—from large-scale sites of up to 1.2M square feet with 300,000 order lines per day to smaller sites of 40-50K square feet. While optimized to manage multinational enterprises with multiple distribution centers, Catalyst’s flexible design enables it to efficiently support smaller supply chain operations as well. By leveraging user-configured strategies, the software also allows for change as your business evolves over time.

Configurable & User-Friendly

Catalyst WMS is easily configurable to support your organization’s unique business processes, delivery model, geographical location, and scale. From receiving and putaway to picking and shipping, it supports a range of strategies while offering guidance to help you select the most efficient, cost-effective approach. Catalyst’s event-driven, rules-based workflow and availability on Android and iOS mobile devices make it easy for employees to learn and use – plus, it can readily integrate with your enterprise’s existing applications and equipment.

Measurable Transformation

After implementing Catalyst WMS, organizations report dramatic improvements across a range of key business metrics, including:

  • Average warehouse capacity used
  • Order picking accuracy
  • On-time shipments
  • Total order cycle time
  • Inventory count accuracy
  • Order fill rate
  • Lines received and putaway per hour
  • Lines picked and shipped per hour

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Industries Served

Whether you’re a retailer, wholesale distributor, or manufacturer, Catalyst WMS gives you the tools you need to drive productivity and cost savings in your warehouse.

Wholesale Distribution

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Consumer Packaged Goods (Manufacturing)

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Food & Beverage

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Healthcare & Life Sciences

    Streamline Warehouse Management

    With automated processes designed to improve efficiency and productivity, Catalyst WMS quickly begins driving operational excellence throughout your warehouse.

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