Enhance Operational Visibility & Control

Catalyst WMS delivers a comprehensive feature set for monitoring, managing, and streamlining your warehouse operations. Whether you need to optimize floor space, decrease inventory levels, improve order fulfillment, or reduce order cycle time, Catalyst gives you the operational visibility and control you need to achieve your goals.

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Warehouse operators can electronically receive inbound shipment information and advanced shipping notices (ASNs). The system allows for receiving against ASNs, purchase orders, manufacturing orders, or even without an order.


Catalyst offers configurable putaway strategies that empower you to efficiently utilize all available space in your warehouse. Leverage RF-scan validation of all putaway activity to ensure accurate storage, and choose from a wide variety of picking methods to optimize outbound workflow and automatically direct employees to the best location available.

Order Fulfilment & Picking

Catalyst supports multiple pick types—including RF picking, voice picking, paper picking, and material handling equipment—as well as automatic item substitution. Flexible wave planning enables managers to align picking activities with order requirements, and configurable value-added processes accommodate required customer or order service levels.

Loading & Shipping

Catalyst’s loading and shipping features help ensure that the right product is always on the right trailer in the right sequence. The system enables workers to print customer- and carrier-compliant shipping paperwork, consolidate shipping containers, and maximize cube utilization to reduce overall freight charges.

Inventory & Workload Management

Catalyst provides managers with real-time reporting on warehouse activity, employee workload, and capacity monitoring, along with a complete toolkit for enhancing inventory efficiency and accuracy. Task interleaving helps combine multiple warehouse tasks into one for more efficient use of equipment and personnel. Real-time cycle counts eliminate the need to “freeze” inventory, while inventory holds and releases enable tighter product management. A user-friendly damaged goods management feature prevents operators from mistakenly mixing damaged and sellable product.

Advanced Crossdock Planning

With Catalyst’s Advanced Crossdock Planning system, you can associate product arriving at the warehouse with product scheduled to leave. Rather than putting product away and then picking it from storage, this means that you can move received product directly from the receiving dock to the shipping dock—saving time and money and increasing employee productivity. Once product is planned for crossdocking, the movements are executed in the Catalyst warehouse management system.

Extended Capabilities

Catalyst Labor Management (LM)

Catalyst Labor Management (LM) enables you to make major improvements in productivity by monitoring and optimizing the performance of individual workers. The system decreases costs by helping you deploy and manage your resources for maximum productivity.

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Catalyst Transportation Management System (TMS)

With Catalyst TMS, you can reduce annual transportation costs, improve carrier performance, and enhance customer service. TMS enables you to shop for the right carrier at the lowest cost, determine the best routes and rates, and build loads for the greatest efficiency gains. It is unique in its ability to consider parcel, less-than-truckload (LTL), and truckload (TL)—or any combination—to create the best plan.

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Catalyst’s Slotting system helps reduce labor costs and improve fulfillment rates by positioning products in the optimal locations. Product placement can be based on demand, historical consumption trends, dimensions, weight, and various other item and location attributes, and automatic capacity calculations help determine fit and the number of required locations to fulfill the minimum number of days’ inventory.

Supplier Link

Catalyst Supplier Link allows suppliers of any size to create advanced shipping notices (ASNs), enabling dramatic improvements to the efficiency of the receiving process. Supplier Link also prints UCC labels and allows suppliers to view purchase orders, enter shipment quantities, create mixed-SKU cartons, associate multiple purchase orders to an outbound shipment, create a simple bill of lading, and create and print standard shipping documents like pick and pack lists.

Supplier Quality

Supplier Quality provides an efficient, reliable electronic auditing procedure to verify each supplier’s ASN process and monitor ASN data accuracy against actual shipment contents. Based upon these audit results, you can track supplier accuracy over time and stratify your suppliers based on accuracy. The system also enables you to reduce the frequency of audits for trusted suppliers with few inconsistencies.

Yard Management System (YMS)

YMS optimizes yard, dock, and warehouse performance by providing real-time visibility into assets and inventory in the warehouse yard—including expected loads and trailers—and managing activities between the yard gate and dock door. You can track inventory still in the trailers parked in the distribution center yard, which the system treats as an extension of the warehouse. The system can also support multiple yard zones that are either on-site or remote.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling allows you to schedule appointments for your warehouse yard and dock doors quickly and easily. While the module can run as a standalone application, it is typically used in conjunction with YMS. When a trailer is checked into the yard using YMS, the system can match the trailer to an existing appointment and direct the trailer to the matching dock door. Appointment Scheduling is highly configurable, allowing you to define the types of appointments you want to track and the dates and times available for appointments.

Dynamic Route Planning (DRP)

The Dynamic Route Planning (DRP) module examines a set of pickups and deliveries for a given region to automatically determine the optimal route for your dedicated fleet. Route determinations not only minimize travel time, but also consider trailer, customer, and driver characteristics as well as preferences for weight, volume, and timing. Once automated route planning is complete, the system displays the map and allows users to make manual changes if desired before finalizing the route.

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