Eliminate Costs Throughout Your Supply Chain

Designed by warehouse professionals, Aptean WMS irms Edition supplies your business with the tools it needs to optimize space and reduce inventory while decreasing labor requirements and costs.

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Pre-Receiving & Receiving

Aptean WMS Inbound provides instant visibility into your inventory—even before it arrives at the receiving dock—and direct-to-system data capture to improve inventory life cycle planning, space utilization, and employee productivity. Inbound gives you control over pre-receipt processes with support for advanced shipping notice (ASN) and electronic data interchange (EDI), and enables both planned and unplanned receipt in real-time via bar-coding or RFID and mobile scanners. It also supports triggered and on-demand stock status changes to accommodate quality control and other holds.


The Aptean WMS Putaway feature supports both directed and on-demand stock putaway. Leveraging inventory demand and requirements data, it intelligently directs task interleaving and guides employees along the optimal travel path, reducing non-productive travel time and decreasing inventory touches. The system also efficiently manages planned and unplanned returns, including return merchandise authorizations (RMA), return goods authorizations (RGA), and return authorizations (RA).

Order Management

With Aptean WMS Order Management, warehouse managers can see in real-time what work is pending, sort and allocate it for optimal workflow, and continuously monitor picking progress. Orders can be received through a web browser or a host order interface, and a flexible order review process helps managers quickly identify and group orders that need immediate attention to control order release, organization of work on the warehouse floor, and pick assignment. If item demand exceeds on-hand quantity, the system’s fill analysis tool notifies managers during order release and prompts for direction on how to handle the exception.

Picking & Packing

Aptean WMS Outbound streamlines picking and packing processes, reducing order cycle fulfillment time and minimizing errors. The system provides a range of system-validated picking options, determining the optimal pick sequence with serpentine routing to reduce non-productive travel time. Visual dashboards give managers real-time visibility into order/wave status, pending work, and employee productivity. The system’s packing tools provide complete control over order packing and offer systematic pack verification to eliminate manual checking against packing lists. A carton management tool directs the use of cartons and packing materials to save time and money.


Aptean WMS provides a single point of access for all your shipping requirements and offers automated generation of industry-compliant shipping documents and labels, helping you standardize and stabilize the shipping process in your facilities and manage communications between your warehouse and your shipping carriers. These improved efficiencies enable shipping associates to focus on moving product without getting bogged down in data entry.

Inventory Management

Aptean WMS offers continuous visibility and control over inventory quantity, status, and location. The system leverages built-in business logic and algorithms along with user-configurable settings to help you easily determine the most efficient, cost-effective placement and movement of inventory through your warehouse. Aptean WMS also manages lot control and serialization, supports FEFO (first expiry first out) and FIFO (first in first out) removal strategies, triggers primary pick replenishments, segregates inventory according to ABC analysis, assigns cycle counting, and manages physical inventory counts.

Work Center

Work center tools in Aptean WMS deliver real-time visibility into all of your inventory, regardless of the location of the materials, status, or number of facilities. The system’s dynamic view of inventory enables warehouse managers to track multi-level bills of material (BOMs), subcomponents, and finished goods at the piece-level, case-level, pallet-level, and job-level. Aptean WMS also provides full production support for value-added activities like prebuilt and on-demand kitting, assembly, and disassembly as well as repack, relabel, retail displays, and personalization and customization requirements.

Labor Management

Aptean WMS extends management reach to the farthest corners of your distribution facility, enabling warehouse managers to actively engage, monitor, and measure associates. System-directed task scheduling enables optimal distribution of work, and interactive dashboards with powerful, real-time labor analytics help managers track and compare employee performance. Managers can also issue alerts and notifications to workers in the warehouse to redirect staff, materials, and equipment in response to changing demand requirements. To improve employee accountability, Aptean WMS automatically records an audit trail that documents the employee who packed each order, when it was packed, and the contents of each carton.

Business Intelligence

Aptean WMS Business Intelligence delivers insight into the critical business information you need for fast, informed decision making. You’ll have access to dynamic, real-time dashboards, dozens of pre-configured and customizable reports, and build-your-own-report tools so you’ll always know what’s going on in your warehouse. Schedule reports to be automatically delivered to your team on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – or extract data directly from the system and export it to Microsoft Excel, Word, or Adobe PDF on demand. You can even have reports emailed directly to your cell phone so you stay connected no matter where you are.

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