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If your operation is performing deliveries, collections or service-calls, the Paragon fleXipod from Aptean electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) software is designed just for you. Our SaaS solution enriches mobile workflows, provides real-time visibility and keeps your customers engaged. Find out today how the fleXipod from Aptean system can transform your final mile operation.

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Take control of your final mile processes

The world is constantly changing. New working norms and changing expectations need new practices and processes.

Adopting the right technology can help you maintain control even when everything around you is shifting. Whether it’s enabling you to seamlessly switch to paperless processes, quickly amend driver workflows across your operation or apply consistent customer service levels, fleXipod from Aptean can give you the control you need to achieve measurable improvements in your final mile and stay ahead of the competition.

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Remove paperwork and simplify daily tasks with the mobile app

The easy to use fleXipod from Aptean proof of delivery mobile app eliminates the need for paperwork, data-entry and filing. Step-by-step screens ensure that drivers follow the processes you have designed, and don't need to remember lengthy protocols or rely on central teams for guidance. These smooth, paperless processes ensure everyone is happy, with increased productivity for you, simplified processes for your drivers and professional experiences for your customers.

Improve central visibility for proactive final mile and customer service management

All of the data captured by your drivers is transmitted in real-time to the fleXipod from Aptean central management console. From here, you can track the progress of each driver, message individuals or groups, and view all captured data including images, signatures, debrief information and associated forms. This enables your central teams to actively support your drivers and proactively manage customer expectation if any issues arise.

Enhance the customer experience with automated communications

Our electronic proof of delivery software can help you enhance your customer service without burdening your staff with extra work. Automated customer communications available include pre-delivery SMS reminders, real time ETA updates, imminent-arrival messages, and post-delivery emails with POD. The track my driver portal provides your customers with driver progress and location, allowing them to manage their lifestyle and priorities accordingly. Keeping your customers up-to-date not only improves the delivery experience, but also reduces inbound call volumes for your team.

Customize driver workflows and tailor customer processes

Paragon fleXipod from Aptean puts you in control of all driver processes. With our flexible forms functionality, you can tailor the activities your driver completes depending on the type of job, product, service or customer contract. This allows you to drive consistency whether you are managing multiple depots, individual drivers based from their home addresses or even a mixed fleet of employees and sub-contractors. You can even edit and update forms in an instant with no input from our support teams and no need for drivers to return to base.

Big benefits from simple, easy to use tools

Whether you want to remove paperwork, improve real-time visibility or enhance customer service, our electronic proof of delivery software can help you transform your final mile operation immediately.

We've taken care to create a tool that will not only help you achieve your business goals, but also simplify your daily operations.

  • The wealth of electronic data collected offers benefits across your business including in billing, customer service, warehouse management as well as logistics and operations. This helps ensure widespread buy-in and break down data silos.
  • Each component of the system has been designed to be easy for staff to use, ensuring you can get up and running quickly with streamlined daily tasks.
  • The browser based central console allows staff to connect from anywhere. In addition, the mobile app can be easily downloaded to a range of devices, supporting bring your own device schemes or use of third-party drivers.
  • Our proven implementation and training process along with the range of integration methods available ensures you hit the ground running, gaining ROI as quickly as possible.

Industries Served

Customize workflows, forms and terminology to support your industry requirements and achieve your specific business goals.

Whether your mobile workers are delivering or collecting goods or providing on-site services, fleXipod from Aptean can streamline your final mile operations and improve customer service with measurable benefits from day one.

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