Conquer the last mile with advanced features

Aptean Proof of Delivery is a powerful, but simple to use proof of delivery system that provides all the tools you need to conquer the last mile. From an intuitive mobile app for your drivers, to real-time centralized management and monitoring, the system has a range of features to simplify your operational processes. Plus, the system keeps your customers engaged with automated SMS messaging, emails and a real-time driver tracking portal providing minute by minute progress.

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Electronic Proof of Delivery Features

Easy-to-Use Mobile App

The Aptean Proof of Delivery app is easy to download and install to your driver devices, and once in place can be upgraded remotely by your central admin. All data is fed to and from the app in real time and it can continue to work seamlessly offline, synchronizing again as soon as a connection is re-established. Not only does our user-friendly app completely replace paper manifests, but it also provides all the information a driver needs and guides them through the workflows that you have designed. This ensures all data is captured reliably across your entire operation, while delivering a consistent first-class service to your customers.

Customizable Central Management Console

The browser-based management console allows you to control and monitor the progress of your drivers, whether it be from the office with large shared dashboards or on the go from your tablet or even smartphone. The console provides at-a-glance visibility of real-time job progress for the entire fleet, with clear color coding so you can see if drivers are behind or ahead of schedule. Filters allow for different views that just focus on issues as they develop and allow you to take a proactive approach to supporting your driver fleet. From here, you can send messages to drivers, add, re-allocate or re-sequence jobs or get in touch with customers.

User Configurable Forms

The Aptean Proof of Delivery forms functionality enables you to create driver workflows tailored to the type of job, products, or services. Forms can be triggered at key points in the delivery process such as start of day, arrival, and even for each pallet, item or service that is being processed. Each form can consist of multiple different question types for drivers to fill in, such as checklists, taking photos and requesting signatures. The flow of the form and even actions that drivers are instructed to take can be determined by the answers provided. With forms it's never been easier to try out new processes for your drivers. Just design, create or edit your form, publish it, choose how it gets triggered and within minutes your drivers can be following customized processes such as vehicle checks, installation reports, safety assessments, damage accounts, customer satisfaction surveys, and more.

Accessible Strategic and Trend Data

Aptean Proof of Delivery provides you with multiple ways of accessing data to suit your operation. The reporting dashboard within the central management console collates key reports into easily digestible visual graphs for trend analysis, depot or team comparisons and daily KPI reporting. Data can also be extracted from the solution using various methods for further analysis in other business systems. A reporting datamart also provides you with access to all of your data, allowing you to connect your business intelligence tools to run your own analysis and queries. Alternatively, you can extract data programmatically through the rich webservice API which provides access to all your completed POD and performance information. Access to this wealth of data allows your management teams to identify opportunities and implement continuous improvements in your final mile operation.

Real-Time Customer Delivery Tracking

The track my driver portal gives your customer peace of mind and visibility of their driver's progress. With a map view showing real-time driver location and details like a dynamic ETA and current job number, your customers no longer need to be chained to uncertainty and can have the confidence to continue about their daily activities, knowing exactly when they need to make time to meet the delivery driver. No more calls to your call centers or delivery teams asking when the driver will arrive, freeing up precious customer service time and clearing your telephone lines.

Comprehensive Customer Notifications

Take the complexity out of keeping your customer updated with automated customer notifications functionality. You can send time-slot reminders the day before delivery, morning-of-delivery notifications with link to our track my driver portal, imminent arrivals messages when the driver is minutes away and emails following delivery that include the POD report for customer records. All of these messages can be automated to suit your needs and can be tailored for your brand, or those of the customers you deliver on behalf of, ensuring the customer feels valued and informed at every step of their journey.

Simple Driver Break Management

From the app, drivers are able to manage and record their meal or rest stops with the data fed back to central teams in real-time ensuring they have complete visibility of mobile activities. In addition, capturing driver break details increases the accuracy of ETAs and automated customer notifications to maintain excellent customer service.

Route Building and Sequencing Functionality

For operations that need to support ad-hoc schedules, Aptean Proof of Delivery's build and sequence functionality allows manifests to be built on the fly by the driver as jobs are collected and scanned. The app will calculate an efficient route sequence for new and existing jobs with appropriate ETAs produced and fed back to the central console for full visibility. Drivers can continue to add more jobs and re-sequence throughout the day as necessary.

Easy Integration

Aptean Proof of Delivery is provided as a secure SaaS (Software as a Service) solution and gives you multiple ways to integrate with your existing operation.

  • A rich webservice API allows you to pass data to and retrieve data from the software.
  • Job lists and orders can be uploaded through standard CSV file.
  • Alternatively, if you operate an SQL database, our optional custom integration component can also be installed on your database server. Once this is in place, all you would need to do is write data to the local Aptean Proof of Delivery tables and retrieve updated data from these same tables. Our custom component will handle all the integration and synchronization needed with our servers.

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