Aptean Routing & Scheduling Calidus Edition

Aptean Routing & Scheduling Calidus Edition is an industry-leading solution designed to help manage your transportation operations and improve supply chain efficiencies. Aptean Routing & Scheduling provides complete operational visibility to maximize delivery capabilities and customer satisfaction.

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Configurable transportation management tailored to your business

Every operation requires an individual level of optimization and planning to achieve operational efficiency. Our transportation management software has been designed with flexible, comprehensive modules to help support your company structure and operation.

Aptean Routing & Scheduling Calidus Edition provides full configurability so you can tailor your operations, processes and transportation system exactly how you need it.

Planning & Optimization

Plan vehicle trips to optimize driver miles and reduce empty running. Effectively manage your trips from loading and dispatch through to final proof of delivery.

Movement Control

Control movements that involve single/multiple pick ups with single or multiple drops, mix of collection and delivery on a single trip, trunking, crossdocking and trailer swaps.

Real-time Communications

Use real-time communications with in-cab or mobile devices for instant data capture. Improve visibility and tracking of your fleet as well as record first-hand the outcome of each collection or delivery.

Equipment Tracking

Integrated pallet and equipment tracking captures the quantity and types of equipment delivered and collected at each stop point and minimizes the all too often high cost of losses.

Complete operational visibility with advanced transportation software

Supply chain visibility is becoming increasingly important to transportation departments and technology plays a vital role in achieving this. Whether you are a logistics company operating distribution contracts for a number of clients or an in-house logistics operation working on a dedicated basis, Aptean Routing & Scheduling enables:

  • Faster, more efficient deliveries with electronic proof of delivery
  • Real-time updates for better visibility and enhanced customer experience
  • Management of orders through flexible EDI capabilities

Industries Served

Aptean Routing & Scheduling has been a leading provider of transportation management software to many of the world's largest logistics, supply chain and transportation companies for over 25 years.

Using the latest technologies we strive to add value to our core solutions through the development of unique functionality, providing true visibility across supply chain operations.

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Food and Beverage

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Wholesale Distributors

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Third Party Logistics (3PL)

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Improve Transportation Operations

Aptean Routing & Scheduling supports leading logistics operations across the world, supporting household names in retail, wholesale and manufacturing. Our software helps organizations with inbound movements from abroad, primary distribution and distribution to stores and home delivery.