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Paragon from Aptean is an advanced route planning, scheduling and tracking solution that is thoroughly proven to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and improve customer service. A wide range of features allow you to create optimized daily plans, conduct strategic planning and improve execution of your live operation, helping you master the complexities of today's transportation operations to maximize profits.

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Advanced route planning software that's proven to meet your daily challenges

The daily transportation challenges that you face are more complex than ever. Fueled by ever-increasing customer expectations with tighter service levels, rising fleet costs, road congestion, changing regulations and environmental restrictions, planners today have much more to consider and less time to do so.

Paragon from Aptean offers powerful tools, automation and proprietary algorithms forged from decades of industry experience to help you master your supply chain challenges. With optimized plans, reduced fleet costs and opportunities to elevate your customer proposition, our solutions can help you achieve measurable benefits straight out of the gate.

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Reduce Transportation Costs

Paragon from Aptean has been proven to reduce route planning costs by up to 30% by maximizing vehicle utilization, increasing jobs per vehicle, reducing miles per drop, multi-tripping and utilizing back haul capability. Whether it be for single depot, multi-depot, integrated fleet, same day or multi-day routes, our route planning software can help you produce optimized routes to reduce transportation costs every day.

Cut Planning Time

Using Paragon from Aptean, you can replace lengthy and rudimentary manual processes or legacy planning tools with smart algorithms that create robust, optimized plans in less time. Our powerful feature set tackles even the most complex of planning scenarios, and provides simple functionality allowing planners to quickly fine-tune for last minute changes.

Achieve Continuous Improvement

Interface your vehicle telematics solution with Paragon from Aptean or use our own proof of delivery software to allow real-time planned versus actual journey analysis. Our software can help your operation identify and analyze discrepancies to support journey debriefing and provide data to promote continuous improvement of plans. In addition, strategic planning capability allows you to play through multiple what-if scenarios and identify strategic improvements to operations, territory coverage or transportation infrastructure.

Shape Transportation Demand

The Paragon from Aptean real-time routing engine continuously optimizes routes as orders come in, allowing you to consider capacity management, efficiency and other commitments at the point of sale. You now have the chance to influence the customers' choice of delivery slot to suit your requirements and set a delivery expectation that you can achieve. This allows you to shape the demand on your transportation operation, enhancing your service offering and minimizing costs.

Industries Served

Paragon from Aptean has helped customers in over 60 countries, across a wide range of industry sectors and operational scenarios, to reduce transportation costs and improve customer service.

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