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As transportation operations get more and more complex, and margins continue to be squeezed, it is essential to invest in purpose built, scalable technology. Aptean Routing & Scheduling is a feature-rich, highly configurable route planning system, proven to improve the efficiency of your transportation operations, reduce costs and enhance customer service.

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Routing and Scheduling Features

Automated Routing and Scheduling

Aptean Routing & Scheduling advanced route optimization algorithms help you solve a wide array of routing scenarios ranging from fixed pre-seeded delivery routes, to complex multi-depot, multi-skilled operations. Feature rich configuration allows you to tailor results to match your specific operational requirements.

Resource Managed Planning

Innovative resource management functionality ensures plans are based on actual driver and vehicle availability at an individual level, ensuring plans are accurate and dispatch teams can focus on getting drivers out the door on time.

Integrated Fleets

Manage the planning of vehicle resources across multiple sites as a single integrated transportation resource. Allowing you to plan movement of goods between sites and utilizing capacities during the backhaul of vehicles to maximize efficiency.

Reporting and Analytics

Aptean Routing & Scheduling incorporates comprehensive business intelligence functionality allowing you to produce robust and customizable reports that help to identify meaningful trends and support continuous improvement.

Dynamic Tripping

When operating with multi-trip routes, exceptions or delays can have significant knock on effects as trailers wait for late-running drivers to return. Our Dynamic Tripping module proactively identifies changing conditions and automatically re-allocates loads if needed as the day progresses.

Territory Optimizer

Gives the planner additional control to divide coverage into compact service regions or territories, which can help if there is need to balance workload and designate regular drivers to a specific territory.

Live Execution Tracking

Automatically gather real-time data from your live operation telematics and compare it against your transportation plan to monitor the progress of your fleet in real time, highlighting exceptions, and offering your customers updated ETAs. Provide your business customers with arrivals boards to support preparation and operational activity planning.

Strategic Scenario Modeling

Make informed strategic decisions by modeling the impact of multiple “what-if” scenarios, such as identifying additional resource requirements during peak, flexing your driver shift start times, or considering warehouse placement. Model alternative distribution networks and depot locations, calculating transportation resource requirements for each scenario.

Waypoint Mapping

The efforts put into producing any optimized vehicle route plan are wasted if the driver decides to ignore the plan in favor of their own route or Sat Nav generated routes. Waypoint Mapping prevents this by feeding the plan into the driver's or vehicle Sat Nav, providing turn by turn instructions that match the planned route. Deviations can then be meaningfully investigated and discussed with drivers to support continuous improvement.

Multi Period Planner

Manage and plan the distribution of goods over multiple day periods. Support for acceptable delivery day patterns, delivery frequencies and balancing to achieve distributed workloads. Allows you to meet retail distribution profiles that may require graduation through the week, or support clustering of deliveries geographically to maximize efficiencies.

Customizable Routing Rules and Data

Ensure your transportation planners have the tools to incorporate their own local knowledge and expertise into the final route plans. For example, there may be road connections that need to be avoided for safety or practical reasons, preferred bridges or areas affected heavily by rush hour. With our advanced route planning system, your planners are able to set up rules, edit maps and configure zones to reflect specific requirements that are not accounted for in standard available resources.

Real-Time Continuous Optimization

Our continuous optimization module , allows you to use our advanced routing algorithms in real-time. This extends the route planning capability to the point of sale for real-time visibility of vehicle resources when scheduling a delivery or job, instead of relying on traditional bucket resources or guestimations of capacity remaining. The result is that only feasible delivery options are offered to customers, and together with efficiency scores for each slot, allow you to influence the customer choice to increase drop density, drops per vehicle and ultimately your bottom line.

Product Add-on Modules

Aptean Proof of Delivery

Our electronic proof of delivery (POD) system comprises a browser based central management console that puts you in control of driver protocols and enables real-time progress monitoring as well as a user-friendly mobile application that supports driver activities. This includes user definable forms and data capture at the point of delivery. Aptean Proof of Delivery also manages customer notifications and provides a real-time delivery tracking portal to ensure the customer is kept informed throughout their journey.

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Aptean Home Delivery

Aptean Home Delivery provides full end to end management of last mile home delivery fulfillment processes, orchestrating activities from the point of sale with capacity management and scheduling functionality through order management, vehicle routing, warehouse integration and consignment tracking, to the day of delivery with POD and returns management.

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