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Aptean Distribution ERP - Health and Beauty

Aptean Distribution ERP - Health and Beauty

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Aptean Distribution ERP - Health and Beauty

21 Apr 2020

Aptean Staff Writer

Health and beauty distributors know the importance of running an efficient and effective supply chain. However, you face many unique challenges, such as retailer compliance issues, managing long lead times, monitoring production schedules and more. The Aptean Distribution ERP solution includes all of the industry specific functionality you need to simplify your complex supply chain and increase team member productivity. Aptean Distribution ERP enables health and beauty importers and distributors to improve supply chain visibility, agility and collaboration across their entire supply chain.

Our Industry-specific Functionality Helps You:

  • Meet retailer compliance requirements, including: EDI, GS1-128 labels, and more for improved margin performance

  • Streamline the design planning process using product lifecycle and project management tools

  • Share and store new color and product concepts, photos, CAD drawings, costing estimates and other product development information

  • Track sales performance by region, retailer or item

  • Capture, dispute and recover invoice deductions

  • Tap wireless warehouse functionality for improved pick/pack efficiency and worker productivity

  • Optimize route scheduling and fleet delivery to help manage fuel costs and driver efficiency

  • And much more!

Want to find out how Aptean Distribution ERP can help your business? Contact us today to chat with one of our experts or schedule a demo.

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