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A Best-in-Class Solution for the Biotech and Life Sciences Industry

As a business in the biotech and life sciences field, you need to maintain a complete view of the patent landscape in order to protect your IP.

Aptean provides a leading IP search solution to fit your patent needs.

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Your Industry Segment

Each industry has its own unique challenges. So, you need a software partner with deep expertise and years of experience in your specific segment.

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We work in many segments across the biotech and life sciences industry. Tell us your needs, and we’ll create the solution for you!

IP Search


If, as an organisation, your mission is something as important as building life science products that increase quality of life around the world, you can’t settle for a second-best IP search system.
IP Search Solution
Get quick, easy and powerful IP search at your fingertips today with Aptean GenomeQuest, the world’s largest IP sequence database. 

Master the challenges of your industry with a solution tailored to your needs

If you want to accomplish FTO and patentability research in record time, then free search tools just won’t cut it. That’s why our system is designed with the capabilities to tackle your challenges.

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Looking for the most comprehensive IP sequence database in the world? That’s updated weekly to ensure it’s always accurate and up to date? Then look no further—Aptean GenomeQuest has you covered.

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With powerful search algorithms, quick results and automated searches that can trigger activity alerts, Aptean GenomeQuest meets all your IP search needs from day one.

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Advanced search algorithms are useless if the results are unwieldy and difficult to work with. That’s why Aptean GenomeQuest includes an intuitive results browser to help make sense of the results in just a few clicks.

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With summary and comprehensive reports for the entire research team, Aptean GenomeQuest allows you to quickly and easily share key findings ensure maximum visibility and speed in your research process.

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Ready for Your IP Sequence Search Solution

Use our free request for proposal (RFP) template to identify the right IP sequence search solution for your business.