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Ready to Excel at Customer Experience

Looking to stand out from the crowd and deliver loyalty-inspiring customer experiences every time?

It’s easier than you think to make customer experience your competitive advantage with Aptean Respond.

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An Advanced Solution to

Help you Shine in a

Challenging Market

Differentiate Your Customer Experience

In a market where customer loyalty is dwindling and expectations continue to rise, you must nurture strong, long-term customer relationships to compete. In these challenging conditions, effectively managing complaints is vital. But, that’s easier said than done, right?

Enter Aptean Respond. Our specialised system takes your customer experience management to the next level, giving your team the tools they need to handle complex customer complaints while delivering loyalty-inspiring customer service.

Ideal for managing large volumes of complex complaints and feedback, Respond's customisable workflows and templates help your team resolve complaints faster while maintaining quality and consistency at every touchpoint. The solution's robust quality assurance processes help mitigate risk while reinforcing best practices—improving outcomes for both your business and your customers.

What Can You Achieve With Aptean Respond?

With Respond, you can make customer experience a competitive advantage for your organisation.

  • Improve quality and consistency of the end-to-end customer journey

  • Track complex customer complaints across multiple departments

  • Streamline processes and procedures for more efficient resolutions

  • Spot trends and identify root causes quickly and easily

  • Gather feedback on your processes with customer survey tools

  • Monitor staff performance and highlight areas for development

  • Capture actionable insight to achieve customer experience excellence

  • Reinforce best-practices with real-time quality assurance and retrospective quality control

Find out more about our complaints management system, Aptean Respond

Other capabilities of our

complaint management

software that you’ll love

We know your industry inside out. This expertise enables us to create complaints management software with the capabilities to solve your challenges—ensuring you’re Ready for What’s Next, Now®.

Complaints and Dispute Management

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Complaints and Dispute Management

The challenge

With high volumes, changing staff and disjointed systems, it’s almost impossible to ensure you deliver a professional and consistent response to every customer complaint.

The solution

Our complaint management system allows you to track and streamline complaints from all channels from capture to resolution—improving outcomes for you and your customers.

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Regulatory Compliance

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Regulatory Compliance

The challenge

With regulations changing regularly it can be challenging to ensure you are compliant and following best practices consistently throughout your organisation.

The solution

We stay up to date on new regulations from authorities around the world—ensuring this expertise is built into Aptean Respond—so, you can be confident in your compliance.

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Consumer Vulnerability Detection

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Consumer Vulnerability Detection

The challenge

With growing regulatory focus, detecting vulnerability is critical. But it can be tough—particularly in contact centres, where staff turnover and inexperience are common.

The solution

To help you master this challenge we designed our first-of-its-kind built-in text analytics tool—empowering your staff to identify and support vulnerable customers.

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Start transforming your complaints management

If you’re ready to take your financial services business to the next level, we’d love to help.

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