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All of Your KPIs in One Place


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All of Your KPIs in One Place

17 Mar 2020

Aptean Staff Writer

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  • Analytics for Aptean Equipment ERP helps equipment dealers leverage technology to sort through the noise in their financial and operational data to isolate, calculate and track the metrics that really matter.
  • Distill all the critical data from your equipment business into meaningful real-time visualizations so that your team can make better business decisions.

Insight Is the Difference Between Reporting and Analytics

Analytics for Aptean Equipment ERP elimates the need to rely on spreadsheets to help everyone understand how your business is performing. Decision makers can easily retrieve up-to-the-minute information whenever they need it, without relying on IT or the next report run. That means a lot less time looking for data, leaving more time to spend evaluating what it all means and empowering your people to take action.

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With the Amount of Data You Collect, Technology Needs To Do Some of the Heavy Lifting

More data doesn't always mean more information. Part of the promise of enterprise resource planning software is centralization of all enterprise data. Unfortunately, the truth about company performance is often hidden deep within that raw financial and operational data. Analytics for Aptean Equipment ERP does the heavy lifting of calculating and highlighting that data for users.

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Put the Right Information in the Hands of the People Who Need It

Accounting is not the only department looking for accurate data. Dashboards organized by functional areas of the business ensure users at all levels of the organization can focus on the data that is relevant to them, and in a way that makes sense for their role. Analytics for Aptean Equipment ERP runs everywhere your people are, from mobile devices on the road, to tablets in the warehouse and monitors on the shop floor.

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Fast Deployment Means You Are up and Running Quickly

Analytics for Aptean Equipment ERP comes bundled with hundreds of pre-built visualizations and data elements specifically meant for equipment dealers. Our technical staff can also help close any skills gaps to help you get started. The intuitive software platform underlying it means that it is easy to make changes in the future.

An Enterprise Quality Platform That Works With the Business Applications You Have in Place

Analytics for Aptean Equipment ERP runs on your premises or in the cloud using Microsoft business software. This means the solution you are investing in is powered by a trusted brand. It means simple integrations with your other business applications. It means access to an incredible user community and rock solid support.

  • Monitor performance Display the most important data from the different functional areas of your business using an enterprise class data visualization platform and a content pack of over 250 stunning visuals.

  • Share business insights Each manager in your business needs to track a slightly different set of performance indicators. Analytics for Aptean Equipment ERP tailors every user's dashboard and visuals to their functional role.

  • Make better decisions Long term planning cycles and real-time operational adjustments both require timely data. Track the performance indicators that provide the proof you need to make the best possible decisions.

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The New Analytics for Aptean Equipment ERP 'Core' Content Pack Includes Multiple Dashboards for Each of These Modules:

  • Financials

  • Sales

  • Inventory

  • Warehouse

  • Purchasing

  • Services

  • Rental

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