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Aptean Distribution ERP - Wine and Spirits

Aptean Distribution ERP - Wine and Spirits


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Aptean Distribution ERP - Wine and Spirits

27 Apr 2020

Aptean Staff Writer

Wine and spirits distribution companies have unique wholesale requirements. Without the right wine distribution software in place to handle these challenges, you can struggle to efficiently manage the unique demands of your business. Our ERP and distribution software, Aptean Distribution ERP, is built with wine and spirits specific functionality from the start. And our deep industry experience means we know the best way to handle every aspect of your supply chain, including managing bill-backs, sharing data with sales reps, compliance and regulatory requirements, and reporting.

Our Industry-specific Functionality Helps You:

  • Tap sophisticated credit management tools to automate Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) & Liquor Control Board (LCB) Compliance requirements

  • Monitor and manage billbacks from suppliers

  • Integrate import lead times, sales trends, seasonality, and more for improved forecasting accuracy

  • Manage customer and product specific pricing, including date sensitive and family pricing, discounting and incentive programs

  • Track business performance using reporting and analytic tools that let you pull sales history by territory, representative, customer or product line

  • Conform to state and retailer compliance requirements, including: BDN and VIP reporting, and EDI

  • Share real time product, pricing, inventory, and invoicing information with field sales representatives

  • Tap wireless warehouse functionality for improved pick/pack efficiency and worker productivity

  • And much more!

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