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Aptean Distribution ERP - Warehouse Management

Aptean Distribution ERP - Warehouse Management


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Aptean Distribution ERP - Warehouse Management

6 Jan 2020

Aptean Staff Writer
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Whether you operate from your own warehouse, or utilize 3PL space, the integrated WMS within Aptean Distribution ERP will help you manage your most demanding receiving, putaway and picking tasks for maximum supply chain performance. And while our integrated WMS is built to include all the tools you need, Aptean Distribution ERP can also integrate with your existing third-party Warehouse Management System.

Warehouse functionality helps speed receiving and optimize space management with directed putaway capabilities. Count products during the unloading process at the receiving dock using wireless warehouse. Picking and packing efficiencies can be maximized with integrated pre-pack and cartonization rules. And your company can easily manage and validate returns and reorders with lot and serial tracking.

Aptean Distribution ERP is flexible enough to enable picking according to your business rules. Our warehouse management software lets wave picking be defined by product, order number, customer name, customer code, shipper, fleet route, and many other options. While speed bins enable you to process orders faster. Aptean Distribution ERP also helps increase picking efficiency when picking a small number of products for a large number of orders by giving you the flexibility to stage orders during the pick demand process.

Physical Inventory / Cycle Counts

Managing a consumer goods warehouse is labor-intensive and complex. To reduce shipment delays and order cancellations, you need tools to help minimize inventory discrepancies. Aptean Distribution ERP is designed to streamline your warehouse through flexible, industry specific tools designed for consumer goods.

Our cycle counting and physical inventory counting tools help you run an accurate supply chain. And our integrated ERP solutions calculate real-time inventory valuations to help you gain insight into inventory costs for improved management and control.

With Aptean Distribution ERP, you get automated physical inventory tools that eliminate the need for manual key entry. While warehouse management tools enable you to display, compare and update your inventory to ensure maximum accuracy and control. You'll have more flexible options to run your single- or multiple-warehouse locations. And our fully integrated solution ensures you'll have complete inventory visibility across your enterprise.

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