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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, WorkWise Edition - Denali Payroll Software

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, WorkWise Edition - Denali Payroll Software


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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, WorkWise Edition - Denali Payroll Software

10 Jun 2020

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Simplify the Payroll Process
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Streamlined Payroll Processing

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP WorkWise Edition offers everything you need to manage and pay your employees. We’ve partnered with Denali Payroll Software developed by Cougar Mountain Software (CMS) to provide an in-house payroll management solution that saves you time and money, simplifies the payroll process, and ultimately gives you better control of your business.

Denali Payroll software offers an easy-to-navigate interface and a number of customization options to provide everything businesses need to pay employees and manage taxes effectively. Denali’s payroll accounting software package provides functionality for any business type, particularly wholesale and non-profit businesses.

Denali Payroll Processing

In-house Denali Payroll both automates and simplifies the payroll process to save you time and money. It also helps you protect your business with strong internal controls and expert technical support.

Denali Payroll Key Benefits and Features

  • Single screen management for each employee record

  • Quick online tax table updates

  • Generate W-2s and 1099s, with option to use Aatrix to submit electronic W-2s

  • Define hourly, salary, or hourly/salary combined compensation types.

  • Set up any standard deductions and garnishments.

  • Pay employees electronically with direct deposit.

  • Pay employees that work in multiple states.

  • Save time by re-using transactions that repeat periodically

  • Extensive reporting capabilities to track your employees all in one place

  • Modify existing reports to better meet your needs

  • Maintain payroll history after closing the year and print reports from history.Secure audit trail guards against fraud and embezzlement because account activity cannot be deleted / hidden

  • Multiple checks for employees in single payroll process

  • One-time override on deductions, direct deposit, and/or taxes

  • Unlimited direct deposit accounts

  • Job/pay history

  • Benefits management

  • 401K tracking

  • Restart option for any/all steps during payroll process

  • Garnishment/child support in accordance with federal/state guidelines

  • Supports all federal, state and local tax reporting

  • Provides updates to federal and state tax tables

  • Purchase option for IRS-certified tax forms

  • Set up unlimited local tax tables

  • State and local reciprocity

  • Print directly on federal forms, such as 940, W2, W3 and 1099 Misc.

  • Generate standard reports to monitor employee data

  • Export reports in a variety of formats such an Excel or PDF

  • Ad hoc reporting with third party report writers, such as Crystal Reports

  • Standard G/L interface to Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP G/L

  • Produce and distribute checks via laser printer, self-mailer, or e-mailAutomated arrears processing

  • Payee check printing or payment via EFT

  • Tracking of beneficiaries and dependents

  • ACA tracking and reporting

At Aptean, we know manufacturing. From computers and electronics to fabricated metals, our ERP is designed to conquer the challenges discrete manufacturers facetoday and every day.

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