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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, WorkWise Edition - Electronic Data Interchange Interface (EDI)

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, WorkWise Edition - Electronic Data Interchange Interface (EDI)


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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, WorkWise Edition - Electronic Data Interchange Interface (EDI)

19 May 2020

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Fast, Accurate Electronic Exchange of Business Documents
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Exchange Data Quickly and Accurately

EDI replaces paper mail, fax and email by electronically exchanging business in a standard format between business partners. EDI transactions are automatically sent directly to the correct application so that they can be processed right away.

Our flexible Electronic Data Interchange interface (EDI) facilitates order entry, invoicing and Advanced Shipping Notice processes by removing the need for paper forms and filings. EDI integrates with your ERP system to coordinate supply chain management, reduce paperwork, and streamline administrative tasks. It also provides data transmission to exchange information instantly rather than sending data through email.

EDI Key Advantages

  • Reduce paperwork. See an increase in organization with a reduction in paperwork, as all data is managed digitally, replacing paper mail, fax and email by electronically exchanging business information.

  • Lower costs. Enjoy lower costs within your business process thanks to features including a switch from paper to digital transfer of information.

  • Increase speed and efficiency. Increase user productivity with the EDI’s ability to streamline and automate administrative tasks.

  • Improve accuracy. See improvements in data accuracy, which helps improve employ productivity and work efficiency.

  • Speed up business cycles. Move through business cycles faster thanks to the EDI’s ability to coordinate supply chain management, reduce paperwork and streamline tasks.

  • Eliminate errors. Enjoy accurate data entry and documents with more accurate data and documents generated by the EDI.

  • Improve data quality. See improvements in overall data quality, which ensures that all information is correct and in condition to be sent to customers and used my employees.

  • Immediate visibility into the status of transactions. Have full and complete knowledge on every step of a transactions status thanks to increased visibility.

  • Shorten lead times. Don’t keep your customers waiting for orders or to receive important work documents with shorter lead times.

EDI Key Features

  • Provides data mapping and data transformation between EDI customer requirements and Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP WorkWise Edition

  • Automates processing of transactions to/from Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP EDI – streamlines and simplifies day-to-day EDI processes

  • For prospects that need to process 830 Production Schedules, provides net change analysis to compare current incoming production schedules to prior schedules

  • Email-driven exception and audit reporting

  • Web-based application developed in ASP.NET using SQL Server as its database

  • Supports Inbound 830 (Production Schedule) and 850 (Purchase Orders) and outbound 856 (ASN’s) and 810 (Invoices) as well as non-integrated 855’s (PO Acknowledgements)

  • EDI Connector provides all the necessary translation of incoming EDI data into your ERP

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