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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, WorkWise Edition - Label Management

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, WorkWise Edition - Label Management


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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, WorkWise Edition - Label Management

22 Jun 2020

Aptean Staff Writer


  • The Industry Standard in Label Management
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The Label Management solution from Loftware offers a powerful and flexible design application that allows you to meet the most complex labeling requirements, and create any type of barcode label required to comply with evolving customer and regulatory needs across the supply chain.

Featuring compliant templates, powerful data management, intuitive label design capabilities, extensive barcode and printer support, complex label logic and native and TrueType fonts, our Label Management application ensures fast and reliable label production.

Label Management Key Features

  • Label Design Wizard. Create a new label, open a compliance label template or edit a pre-existing label.

  • Label Design Mode. This intuitive feature allows you to configure RFID tags, place and size bar codes, text, line, box and graphic fields on the Designer screen.

  • Printer Configuration Wizard. Choose your printer family (manufacturer), the model, and the type of connection you are using (i.e., TCP/IP) and your target printer is set up in seconds.

  • Print International Labels. The Language Properties Wizard allows you to create any international language field on your label.

  • Print on Demand. An operator data entry screen is automatically created while you design your label.

  • Print a Range of Labels. The Range Print Module allows a range of labels to be printed from any ODBC32-compliant database using a pre-defined, or dynamic SQL query.

  • Import and Merge Files. Import and merge labels to any supported printer type.

  • Administrative Capabilities. Audit your print jobs, view label history, and security features for controlling access.

Additional Features:

  • Ensures fast and reliable label production

  • Prints thousands to millions of labels per day.

  • Provides new labels to meet growth opportunities now

  • Quickly delivers updated labels to changing business requirements

  • Assures compliance with strategic partner and regulatory agency label requirements

  • Multiple print requests are queued for each target printer with full error recovery and guaranteed delivery.

  • Easy to use, just drag and drop

  • Class 0+, Class 1, and Class 1 Gen2

  • Support for tags from Alien, Symbol, Rafsec, Impinj, TI, and Phillips

Additional Benefits:

  • EPC Calculator for encoding and decoding blocks of EPC codes

  • HF and UHF tag frequencies

  • EPC, DOD, ISO compliant

  • DOD Encoding types

  • Support for SSCC, SGTIN, SGLN, and GID

  • Universal Tag Interface for creating any tag with multi-block support

  • 64 & 96 bit Tag Support

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