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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, WorkWise Edition - Product Configurator Software

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, WorkWise Edition - Product Configurator Software


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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, WorkWise Edition - Product Configurator Software

25 May 2020

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Bring Value-Added Engineering to Your Quotations and Orders
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What is a Product Configurator?

The Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP WorkWise Edition powerful Product Configurator allows you to simplify the production of engineered, ordered, planned and controlled products that are configured or assembled uniquely for each customer order. The Product Configurator software gives you greater flexibility and reduces the proliferation of items, bills and routings for uniquely configured products.

The Product Configurator makes it easy for customers and distributors to buy your products. Product Configuration software allows both sales and customers to select, configure, price, and order your products, while simultaneously making sure that only valid features, options, and dimensions are selected.

  • Greater Control. Organize and Control the Definition of Product Features and Options.

  • Processing Products. Process Quotations and Customer Orders for Configured Products.

  • Processing BOM and Routings. Process Bills of Material & Routings in Conventional and a Matrix Format.

  • Controlled Manufacturing. Plan & Control all Manufacturing Activities for Configured Products.

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Product Configurator

Use the Product Configurator to drastically reduce order lead times and engineering costs by allowing engineering to focus on orders falling outside the rules and on new product development.

  • Features and options selection

  • Rule-based Inclusion/Exclusion

  • Generate correct Bill, Routing and Instructions

  • Matrix or Modular Bill specification

  • Calculations

  • Table lookups

  • Dimensionality calculations

  • Engineering calculations

  • External routine call ability

The Product Configurator software consists of a set of capabilities provided across several Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP applications. When used together, these functions simplify the production of engineered, ordered, planned and controlled products that are configured or assembled uniquely for each customer order.

Products best suited to the configurator functions are engineered from the ground up. They consist of combinations of product features and/or options which customize the delivered product to meet a customer’s specific needs.


Assemble-to-order manufacturers stock components, subassemblies, or semi-finished products in advance of receiving a customer order. When an order is received, products are quickly assembled into unique combinations which satisfy the customer’s requirements. Some subassemblies and components may be made to order to supplement the inventory of stocked items. This approach works well to manage the production of complex options, processing unique or unpredictable customer requirements while maintaining an affordable level of inventory. A configure-to-order manufacturer has a large make-to-order content, or products whose options affect the bill of material at all levels of assembly.


In an engineer-to-order manufacturing environment, the engineered element of processing a customer order is high. In these situations the Product Configurator is useful because it generates an initial bill of material for the closest standard configuration. The resulting bills of material and routings then provide a starting place for the custom engineering required to meet the customer’s specifications.

ERP product configuration offers a standard or base starting point but provides the flexibility to vary both material content and manufacturing processes to accommodate a customer’s needs.

The Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Product Configurator Enables Companies to More Easily:

  • Configure products in order entry using a rules-based, question-and-answer-type dialog. This methodology may be used for quotations or actual orders.

  • Assemble bills of material and routings required to manufacture the product at all assembly levels, including make-to-order parts and assemblies.

  • Check component availability for stocked items at all levels of assembly and allocate inventory at entry of either the quotation or the customer order.

  • Quickly and accurately price and cost the product at the time of order entry.

  • Accurately promise delivery dates.

  • Automatically generate and schedule a family of shop orders to schedule, con­trol and report on the manufacturing of the product.

  • Accommodate one-time, special engineered product requirements.

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