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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, WorkWise Edition - Purchasing and Requisitions

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, WorkWise Edition - Purchasing and Requisitions


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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, WorkWise Edition - Purchasing and Requisitions

27 May 2020

Aptean Staff Writer


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Accurate Records of All Your Important Transactions

The Purchasing and Requisitions application efficiently handles all aspects of the procurement cycle, including purchase order creation and printing, receiving, providing vendor price quotations, management of blanket orders and extensive vendor analysis reporting.

It can also automatically generate purchase orders or cut releases from blanket purchase orders to fill approved requisitions. And if there are any vendor delivery or quality problems, it allows you to react quickly and efficiently.

Purchasing and Requisitions Features

  • Purchase Order and Change Printing

  • Go Paperless with optional integrated fax/email capability

  • Blankets and Releases

  • Create Shipping Documents for Vendor Returns

  • Create Return Forms to Document Defective Materials

  • Vendor Quotations with Quantity Breaks

  • Purchase for Stock, Jobs (WIP) and MRO

  • Outside Process Services

  • Inspection Processing

  • Complete Purchasing History

  • Vendor On Time and Quality Tracking

Purchasing & Requisitions Benefits

  • Save Time. Reduce time spent on PO Management with an automated system

  • Streamline Workflow. Streamline your workflow with vendors

  • Accurate Records. Access accurate records of all transactions

  • Track Details. Easily track details for every transaction

  • Streamline Returns. Automate and document returns of defective materials to vendors

  • Automation. Improve productivity using an automated system

  • Save Money. Increase cost efficiency

  • Faster Shipping. Improve shipping accuracy

  • Go Paperless. Go Paperless with optional integrated capabilities

  • Efficiency. Efficiently handle all aspects of the procurement cycle

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