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The Cost of ERP – What Makes the Most Sense for Your Business - Part 2

The Cost of ERP – What Makes the Most Sense for Your Business - Part 2


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The Cost of ERP – What Makes the Most Sense for Your Business - Part 2

31 Mar 2016

Jack Payne
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When beginning your quest to purchase an ERP solution, building a case for the cost benefit should be priority. However, focusing on all of the bells and whistles of a new ERP often overshadows looking at an actual cost benefit and understanding the overall value you are getting with your ERP. In part 2 of this blog series, we look at the traceability functionality of your ERP.

Traceability - Don't Let a Recall Ruin Your Brand

Food safety is all about prevention – including recall prevention and brand reputation – as well as response. Track and trace technology documents all of a product’s details in its lifecycle from ingredients to customer shipment. In addition, track and trace solutions can include built-in controls to provide manufacturers with visibility into qualified suppliers and the ability to specify incoming inspection requirements.

It only takes one bad ingredient to force a food and beverage manufacturer into issuing a recall. Tracing the ingredient fast is the key to minimizing consumer risk and protecting a company’s reputation and brand. Without an effective track and trace process, you could easily be the next brand making headlines for unintentionally causing consumers harm, thus losing more money for your business than the cost of an ERP investment itself.

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