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Ready to Optimise Food Manufacturing Processes

Transform your food manufacturing processes with Aptean Food & Beverage MES SI Edition with shop-floor data capture that eliminates inefficiencies, improves productivity and drives real-time decision making for continuous improvement.

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Modular Approach.

Singular Focus.

Accelerate Efficiency

For several decades, Aptean has been perfecting its manufacturing execution system (MES) software with shop-floor data capture for the food manufacturing industry. Our software accurately captures all production data, validates operational actions and eliminates the reliance on paper-based records.

Identify the Causes of Production Downtime

Aptean Food & Beverage MES provides a detailed view of productivity on a machine at process and departmental level. Set KPIs and, as production data is recorded, assess performance against targets. When combined with our management tools, your business will gain unparalleled visibility of performance data throughout your operations.

Flexibility, Security and Scalability

With our SaaS deployment option, you can rest easy knowing that you’re on Aptean Cloud. With 99.9% uptime and disaster protection, your data is readily available and backed up. Being in the cloud, you will have the flexibility to securely access your data from anywhere and ensure your system is up-to-date—gone are days of time-consuming upgrades.

“By using Aptean’s software to validate recipe make up, we’re ensuring that the right ingredients, at the right quantities are issued to manufacture products. This results in greater consistency for quality and improved traceability.”

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Shop Floor Data Capture

With more than 150 implementations throughout the UK, Ireland, Canada and the USA, Aptean Food & Beverage MES:

  • Eliminates manual data collection and the reliance on paper-based records.

  • Delivers real-time visibility and KPI metrics.

  • Improves overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

  • Accurately captures data throughout your food manufacturing processes.

  • Validates all operational actions and can be configured to fit any food manufacturing sector.

Aptean's shop-floor data capture applications run on touchscreens and intelligence scanners to allow for data capture throughout the entire production cycle—from intake all the way through to finished goods production.

With our shop-floor data capture in place, businesses have access to essential, accurate data from the factory floor in real-time. Through the use of fixed and mobile data capture points, your operation can become paperless and gain access to real-time information and reporting.

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Food Manufacturing Modular MES Software

Despatch Tracker

Aptean’s Despatch Tracker significantly reduces the opportunity for human error, ensuring what’s ordered is delivered and dramatically cutting down credits. The Despatch Tracker application provides a real-time view of despatching and picking progress against sales orders, within the food factory. View single day, time, review by despatch or order dates, customers, soft allocate stock, instruct order for picking, control with user permissions and more.

Raw Material Intake

Manage raw material intake your way, with Aptean’s Purchase Order Intake screen. Validate goods received and update purchase orders in real-time; create batch codes, capture weights, tares and all food industry measurements; ensure completion of all mandatory QA and traceability information; produce labels and assign to stock, and more.

Phrase Manager

Every time food manufacturing labels are generated within the factory, Aptean’s Phrase Manager software checks product codes, ingredient combinations, nutrient and allergen information, and other label variables, then collates and pushes out all data to process printing points.

Works Order Processing

Once food manufacturing production plans have been published, manage works order processing and set up runs for each production area using Aptean’s Run Maintenance. Allocate raw material batches to processes, and provide live visibility of production plans on the shop floor via OCMs.

Picking and Despatch Management

With Aptean’s Picking and Despatch Management application, eliminate human error and dramatically reduce customer credits. Build and split pallets using barcode validation to match orders, create despatch documents, validate at point of pick, track percentages complete and more.

Shop Floor Data Capture and MES

Transform your food manufacturing processes with MES and Shop Floor Data Capture eliminating inefficiencies, improves productivity and drives real-time decision making for continuous improvement.

Production Management

Build your daily plan in minutes, based on sales forecasts and known patterns; control multi-stage processes; measure operational efficiencies and uncover the best use of labour and raw materials to drive more profitable margins.

Stock Control and Warehouse Management

Transform your warehouse management with an instant view of on-hand stock, available stock and shelf life status across multiple sites.

OCM, Weighing and Labelling

Validate and label finished goods, maintain batch number traceability and create stock. With accurate and verified content for labels, options include: branded label design, barcode labels, on-demand & online labels, variable labelling for catch and fixed-weight products, pallet and case labelling.

Giveaway Management

With the direct impact on food manufacturing profit margins, making even the smallest of changes can have a dramatic impact on daily and annual profitability. Aptean's Giveaway Management reports are proven to deliver improvements to the bottom line by uncovering the reasons for giveaway levels and variances, optimizing raw materials and reducing waste.

Least Cost Formulation

Optimize your recipe-based products with Apteans’s Least Cost Formulation. Within our Cost Modelling solution, Least Cost Formulation steps up planning controls by taking account of specification variances of available raw materials (E.g. VL grade), whilst still delivering at least cost.

Purchase Order Processing

Efficiently create new purchase orders for raw materials, dry goods ingredients, packaging, services, non-stock items and consumables. Choose delivery time slots, units of measure, and colour code based on delivery status.

Production Planning

Aptean's food production planning provides a real-time view of scheduling, dynamic planning and allows you to make last minute changes, no matter when they happen during the day. Identify live issues and calculate the knock-on effects to production time and lines, raw materials, crew, packaging requirements and even vehicle departure times.

Production Tracker

Validate raw material, reduce wastage and deliver real-time information about whatever’s happening within your food factory by using Apteans’s Production Tracker screen.

Sales Order Processing CRM

Create call lists for telesales team members, or even a call list for a telesales group, with our Aptean’s CRM module.

Yield Tracker

No matter what product you are processing, from meat to potatoes, the ability to track yield in real-time will deliver significant business benefits.

Sales Order Processing

Aptean's highly configurable Sales Order Processing software has been developed to meet the operational requirements of any food manufacturing business. Features include customer templates, shopping baskets, historical sales by customer, promotions, multiple price lists, 3-tier pricing, draft orders, full audit trail, credit limits, CRM, rebates, reporting on demand and much more.

Stock Tracker

Always make the best use of stock across your enterprise with Aptean’s stock management applications and reporting. Whether raw material, dry goods, packaging or WIP, track life left on products and enable better operational decision making with our live view of stock. Stock Tracker delivers a complete overview of business stock or by individual location. By product code, view by life or by age (for stock in maturation), generate reports showing stock valuation, stock by life, stock at risk and much more.

Recipe Management

Using Aptean’s recipe management software, digitalize, visualize and control the creation of the most complex value-added products. ready meals and bakery recipes from component ingredients.

Yield and Giveaway Management

Reduce giveaway on fixed weight products, improve yield and achieve better scheduling.

Proof of Delivery

Aptean’s Proof of Delivery application is proven to cut customer credits by up to 80% for food manufacturers. By linking SOP (sales order processing) to despatch scanning, orders can either be fulfilled and released for shipment or manually processed.

Shop-Floor Management Dashboards

Our data-driven dashboard tool provides real-time visibility to monitor and understand process-specific performance.

Cost Modelling

What margin will I make today? How much does it really cost to make my products? Our Cost Modelling software has the power to solve many of today’s food manufacturing planning challenges. Automate calculations to achieve continuous and accurate data to help prevent overspend and unearth savings, wherever they can be made.

Advanced Reporting and Analysis

Aptean's range of SQL dynamic reports transforms data into insights, delivering advanced reporting on demand. Configure our powerful reporting and analysis tools to highlight opportunities for business improvements and investments, and monitor food manufacturing issues, such as frequent line downtime or poor throughput.

Perishable Food Sectors

Select the relevant industry panel to find out how Aptean can help your food processing business to be more productive—and profitable.

Abattoir Management

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Abattoir Management

With nearly three decades of experience, our abattoir management software is a market-leader. In fact, in addition to managing a high percentage of the UK beef kill, we are established as the largest abattoir management software supplier in Scotland.

Discover more on Abattoir Management Software

Bakery & Cake Manufacturing

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Bakery & Cake Manufacturing

Your bakery & cake manufacturing operations will be transformed with Aptean. Our software controls every process, including; mapping out combination specifications, scanning to batches, mixing, making-up, baking, cooking, cooling and even slicing.

Discover more on Bakery & Cake Manufacturing

Catering Butchers & Food Service

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Catering Butchers & Food Service

When high product proliferation and thousands of orders are the challenges that your business faces each day, our food software suite will provide you with superior planning and control across every process.

Discover more on Catering Butchers & Food Service

Cheese & Dairy

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Cheese & Dairy

Monitoring the cheese make, managing maturation and grading, yield and giveaway, retail pack and distribution. Our know-how and specialist cheese make and processing software will add value to every one of your processes.

Discover more on Cheese & Dairy

Fish & Seafood

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Fish & Seafood

From catch to consumer, Aptean helps food processors to thrive. We work with some of the UK’s leading fish and seafood processors, applying our industry software to deliver processing efficiencies, productivity gains and improved margins.

Discover more on Fish & Seafood

Fresh Produce

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Fresh Produce

With nearly three decades of expertise, our food planning, ERP and MES modular software is a great fit for the challenges of the fresh produce sector.

Discover more on Fresh Produce

Meat Processing

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Meat Processing

Looking for ways to improve the value chain, reduce hanging stock and freezer costs, or reduce the opportunity for downgraded meat? Our clever meat processing software solutions set is proven to deliver efficiencies throughout the industry.

Discover more on Meat Processing

Pet Food & Bird Seed Manufacture

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Pet Food & Bird Seed Manufacture

From managing dry or wet dog food on different lines to combining data on multiple mix processes for bird feed. Aptean's software solution provides the same superior real-time controls as we deliver for other sectors of the food manufacturing industry.

Discover more on Pet Food & Bird Seed Manufacture

Poultry Processing

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Poultry Processing

From kill, grading, through to retail pack, our software can capture all poultry processing KPIs. Our real-time reporting will help your poultry processing business reveal a detailed understanding kill grades, yields, WIP and finished product stock levels.

Discover more on Poultry Processing

Recipes & Ingredients

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Recipes & Ingredients

Every recipe, ingredient & mix, process & trace, controlled in real-time. Digitally transform your recipe-managed business with Aptean ingenuity applied.

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Snack Food Manufacturing

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Snack Food Manufacturing

Whether it’s prepping, chopping, frying, extruding, or additional controlling flavor ingredients–every process must be accounted for. Our software solution delivers impeccable production and quality controls.

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Ready to start transforming your food business?

We’ve got the specialized MES solutions you need to conquer your industry challenges.

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