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Ready for Advanced OEE for Food Manufacturers

When it comes to production and quality compliance, paper-based systems add time, errors, risk and inefficiency to your operation.

Replacing them with a user-friendly, cloud OEE can be transformative for your business.

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Ready for Immediate,

Actionable Intelligence

Why OEE Is Critical for Food Manufacturers

The shop floor is the beating heart of any food or beverage manufacturing organisation. The ability to see data in real time and empower your team to act upon it immediately is critical in today’s competitive environment. Every opportunity for improvement, no matter how big or small, counts.

That’s why we designed our OEE software for food and beverage manufacturers to optimise performance and collaboration across your entire business.

With full visibility from batching through to packaging, you receive real-time metrics such as plan attainment and units per man hour to help you build a culture of continuous improvement. So what's stopping you?

What You Can Achieve With Aptean

Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE is the solution that enables you to run your food and beverage manufacturing plant in a simpler, smarter and more strategic way. Here’s how.

  • Identify all manufacturing losses in real time

  • Measure metrics such as plan attainment and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

  • Track and improve changeover, clean in progress (CIP) and sanitation times

  • Identify causes of yield loss from batching all the way to packaging

  • Track actual labour consumed at every line in your facility

With out-of-the-box, industry-specific capabilities and user-friendly principles embedded in the design, implementation is seamless. So, you can rapidly realise quality and productivity gains from accurate, timely information in a paperless environment.

Success With Aptean OEE

Litehouse Foods Increases Utilisation by 25% With Real-Time Visibility and Quality From Aptean

Since 2007, Litehouse has relied on Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE to drive continuous improvement and better streamline its production processes.

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Aptean Food & Beverage OEE
With a sophisticated feature set, streamlined implementation and the support of our expert team, our OEE software delivers rapid ROI and long-term benefits—an ideal fit for process manufacturers in the food and beverage, packaged goods, and pharmaceutical industries.

Ready to start transforming your business?

We’ve got the specialised OEE solutions you need to conquer your industry challenges.

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